A Brandable Corporate YouTube for Video Streaming & Content Management

A corporate video content management system to securely stream, store and share your business videos with internal and external audiences

Corporate YouTube

Organizations across the board are producing more video content than ever for both internal and external uses. In a highly secure platform, EnterpriseTube provides a centralized repository to store and share the organization’s entire digital content. Multiple branded portals can be created for users across various departments or global teams. With enterprise single sign-on (SSO) identity management and several in-built security features, VIDIZMO offers the highest level of protection for stored videos along with a broad range of industry and regulatory compliances.

A Corporate Video Content Management System
for a Variety of Use-cases

Ensure Autonomy and Privacy of Each Department

Maintain Departmental Autonomy and Privacy

Replicate the departmental structure of your organization with EnterpriseTube by using independent and autonomous video CMS portals. Under one license, create autonomous portals with seperate content privacy, security management, usage, storage and billing.

Manage Meeting Recordings Securely in a Corporate YouTube

  • Automatically ingest video conferencing meetings
  • Edit, clip, annotate and publish these online video conferencing meetings
  • Protect meeting recordings with passwords and disable downloads & sharing
  • Transcribe video conferencing meetings automatically in 12 languages
  • Translate transcription of these meetings automatically in 54 languages

Waste No Time Searching For Content

Employees spend a lot of time searching for the right content and to save precious man hours, EnterpriseTube has a powerful AI powered google-like search engine that allows users to search and filter content on multiple attributes and fetch result in seconds.

Search Inside Video

  • Search every word spoken inside the video
  • Search inside the transcription box
  • Reach the exact timestamp where the searched word was spoken

Ensure Data Protection Compliance

Data protection and data residency are key challenges for any enterprise today. EnterpriseTube corporate video content management system ensures adherence to all major data protection and data residency compliances such as GDPR. Be it user rights management or storage in your country’s data center, we’ve got you covered.

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