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  • We Have 20 Years of Experience in This Industry and We Understand Your Challenges 
  • We Have Had Successful Enterprise-wide Implementations Across Leading Organizations Around the World 
  • Our Products Offers A lot of Detail When it Comes to Features and Capabilities 

Why Leading Organizations Prefer VIDIZMO?


Simple, Modern and Easy-to-Use

Our product offers a simple familliar YouTube-like interface that makes it easy for employees across your organization to consume video content. The platform is accessible from any device or browser. 

Customer-First Business Philosophy

With a customer-first business philosophy, we incorporate a customer orientation not only in our highly efficient service and support but also in our product design, features and capabilities. We take immense pride in delivering the best user experience to our customers at every step of their journey with our product, as well as our team. Apart from our enterprise video platform and digital evidence management system, we also provide professional services to help solve customer challenges from start to end. 


“VIDIZMO has remarkable customer service and a customer-first business attitude! From integrations to security, compliance and deployment requirements, VIDIZMO has stayed in contact and helped us along the way” - Osamu Kikuchi, Planning and Business Development Manager NESIC”

Flexibility and Integrations

Today’s disparate enterprise systems necessitate compatibility and interoperability between different IT and business applications in a highly integrated fashion. To ensure seamless video adoptability throughout your organization, VIDIZMO offers a broad range of platform integrations with 25+ SSO providers, Learning Management Systems, Content Management Systems, Video Conferencing Systems, VMS, Analytics and more. 


Security & Privacy

VIDIZMO realizes the importance of safeguarding your digital video & media content. In order to maintain the highest levels of security, VIDIZMO provides an array of customizable controls for its video and digital content management solutions as well as features such as Single Sign-on authentication, controls for access and permissions, audit logs, content segregation, FIPS 140-2 compliant end-to-end encryption and more. 

VIDIZMO allows you to store data in Azure, AWS, or on-premise and give you full security and control over your data. Additionally, we provide professional services for specific security requirements.  


In a world where data breaches and security risks are increasingly commonplace, organizations are concerned about protecting their digital content. To mitigate any risks associated with video hosting management, VIDIZMO is committed to fulfilling a broad range of regulatory compliance measures and internal standards conformance.  

VIDIZMO ensures compliance at storage through hosting in Azure or AWS in region of choice, or on-premise, and through features in the application that enable checks and balances for transparency of all processes.   



Our cloud, your cloud, their cloud? Pick any cloud. Our platform works with any cloud provider of choice and allows you to benefit from the unparalleled scalability of cloud computing. Stream videos to 100s, 1000s, and even more. 


Access Management

Synced with your identity providers, through VIDIZMO, you can define access and sharing for video and evidence on a granular Level. Define who can view your content – the public, entire organization, specific departments, groups or individuals. Moreover, you can define what users with access can do (view, collaborate, download, embed, share ahead etc.). 



Microsoft Alliance

Having reinvented itself as a cloud computing powerhouse, Microsoft plays a defining role in the new era of technological innovation in the enterprise. As a Microsoft partner, we provide native interoperability with all Microsoft enterprise platforms, social business, enterprise CMS, Microsoft Azure and Azure Government cloud services – all of which provide our customers a smooth path to unifying their systems with VIDIZMO while utilizing Microsoft’s cutting-edge cloud innovations. 

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

In a data-driven age of digital ubiquity, artificial intelligence technologies hold immense potential to solve business challenges while driving organizational efficiency, workforce productivity, cost savings and market competitiveness.  

Your organization can harness a broad range of artificial intelligence solutions, such as  facial, speech and object recognition, OCR, machine transcription and closed captioning, multilingual translation, powerful in-video search, and much more to help transform your business potential in a wide range of use cases. 



Pricing Flexibility

Video use varies in every organization and business leaders often find themselves susceptible to buying too much or too little of a software licensing or service. Keeping that in mind, we offer software licensing flexibility that grants our customers complete control over their licensing terms, budget, initial video investment and flexibility to scale up or down as they need.  

To simplify navigation of their contractual territory, we offer a broad range of licensing models, which empowers them to negotiate a contract based on their actual video use, nothing more, nothing less. 

Powerful video experience

Your enterprise videos are no good if nobody watches them. To promote a highly engaging, immersive, and high-quality video experience in your organization, VIDIZMO provides an easily navigable YouTube-like video platform that instantly increases video use and adaptability among users.  

With a powerful and refined search, VIDIZMO also makes video search as smooth as Google, even for the content inside your videos. Additionally, much like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, VIDIZMO offers content personalization to make your corporate videos more relevant for your users. 



VIDIZMO Products



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Digital Evidence Management System

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Video AI

Artificial Intelligence

Get More From Your Digital Content Through Our AI Solutions


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