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Achieving Trust and Compliance in the Cloud

Regulatory compliance has become a top priority for organizations across all industries as a result of the increasing frequency of data breaches and security hacks that pose a serious threat to business integrity and customer data privacy. With increasing cloud adoption across the enterprise, robust cloud security and compliance offerings are imperative for all cloud-based applications such as VIDIZMO to ensure the highest levels of regulatory compliance.

To address rigorous security and privacy demands of our customers, VIDIZMO offers one of the most comprehensive industry-specific compliance offerings in Microsoft Azure Cloud and AWS Cloud for healthcare, government, financial, manufacturing, education, and other industry-specific compliance certifications and attestations. Within our native Azure cloud deployment, VIDIZMO also offers the most comprehensive national and regional compliance offerings of any cloud service provider that govern the collection and use of an individual’s data.

Cloud Based Compliance

Cloud-based Compliance

VIDIZMO provides best-in-class compliance as part of cloud deployments by inheriting all applicable compliance and certifications offered by major cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure (Government and Commercial), AWS (Government and Commercial), IBM, Google etc.. When a customer deploys VIDIZMO in their cloud of choice, they inherit the best security practices and compliance programs from that cloud such as:

  • Global compliance – SOC 1, 2 and 3, ISO 27001, CSA STAR, CIS, CSA etc.
  • Government compliance – CJIS, DOD, ITAR, FERPA, FIPS, FISMA etc.
  • Industry compliance – HIPAA, SOX, CDSA, FFIEC, FINRA etc.
  • Regional compliance – GDPR, DJCP, ENISA IAF, PASF, C5, FISC, IRAP etc.

On-premise Compliance

In an on-premise environment, VIDIZMO offers your organization the flexibility and customization to implement a regulatory compliance framework defined by your organization’s parameters for vulnerability management, tracking and monitoring access etc. — granting you complete control over your data and guaranteeing adherence to organizational compliance protocols.

VIDIZMO on-premise customers enjoy the flexibility to enforce their compliance policies. We work with any regional partner you may employ to implement their compliance and security policies. We have made VIDIZMO software extremely agile to allow for a broad range of platform configurations and customizations to help our customers become compliant with their internal or industry-based regulations. We also enable compliance by providing our customers complete flexibility to choose how they would want to deploy the solution, i.e. self-deploy in the cloud or on-premise, or have VIDIZMO teams carry out deployment. They also can decide where to store and stream data, and how they would like to customize the application to comply with their organizational policies.


Compliance for Government Customers

For US agencies with strict compliance, security and data privacy requirements, VIDIZMO provides them with the option to install the application and then store, process and manage data within Azure Government and AWS Government Cloud datacenters.

Azure Government Cloud is a dedicated instance exclusively for US federal, state, local, and tribal governments. It is only managed by screened US citizens and offers the broadest level of compliance. Similarly, AWS Government Cloud is a dedicated instance for government agencies and is operated by US citizens on US soil. It also offers a broad range of compliance for security that include CJIS, FIPS 140-2, ITAR and more.

Catering to Specific Compliance Requirements

We at VIDIZMO understand that organizations can have complex and stringent requirements. As part of professional services, VIDIZMO can help your organization cater to specific requirements; be it hiring practices for support personnel, deployment process, data management, or even development of features.


Preparing You for GDPR Compliance Readiness

Ensure compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that has been in effect since 2018, for all your company’s video and rich media assets. With non-compliance penalties that could cost up to €20 million or four percent of an offending organization’s yearly worldwide revenue, whichever is higher – GDPR compliance is not optional.

Simplify your GDPR compliance journey with VIDIZMO to take control of your data, manage compliance, enhance data governance, protect privacy rights, and avoid risks. With VIDIZMO’s trusted cloud, we offer built-in controls that help you comply with complex GDPR privacy requirements to collect, store and use personal information.

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