“We have been producing enterprise corporate communication and training video content for over 30 years, using VHS, CD’s, DVD’s, Flash and various video platforms. VIDIZMO provided us with a comprehensive Enterprise Video Solution that our customers absolutely love. It allows them to manage, and distribute their content to their employees in a controlled, secure and targeted manner while Video Analytics allow customers to measure return on their investment.”

Mark Hislop

Partner, CEO Video Impressions

“Microsoft is pleased that VIDIZMO has invested early in supporting next-generation application development platform. Products like VIDIZMO Publisher help developers use their existing skills to create unique experiences that run across many and varied devices.”

Brian Goldfarb

Director of the Developer Platform Group, Microsoft Corporation

“The event webcasting seemed to go effortlessly. We were so pleased to have VIDIZMO and we were quite impressed to experience an event without any technical glitches.”

Susan Rathbun

San Diego Supercomputing Center at UC San Diego

“The live webcast seemed to go very smoothly and without any complaints from our viewers. I was also very pleased so see the recorded live webcast delivered as an On-Demand video so quickly and effortlessly.”

Brian Lavoie

Research Scientist and Co-Chair, Blue Ribbon Task Force

“Microsoft is excited to see partners such as VIDIZMO building its Interactive Video Presentation suite with Silverlight on Windows Azure. VIDIZMO has the ability to provide industry-leading performance for its customers.”

Brad Becker

Director of Rich Client Platforms, Microsoft Corporation

“It was easy to create a Mashup presentation using VIDIZMO for graduate students and teachers in a Master’s program in educational technology. I used VIDIZMO to demonstrate Web 2.0 technology, ensure videos were watched, and to communicate written material on the subject. Asynchronous learning was easily accomplished!”

David Kaminski

Instructor and Technology Facilitator, Clarkstown North High School

“VIDIZMO provides a compelling video-based learning solution that mashes up various content and applies search to the contents of the video and associated media assets (you have to see it to believe it!)”

Larry Gregory Sr.

Director US Partner Evangelism

“VIDIZMO is the most exciting mix of content development, delivery and monetization platform I have come across at a conferences. Using VIDIZMO’s Video + PowerPoint synchronization helps instructional designers like myself reduce time to delivery, increase client satisfaction through an effective and easy to use multi-dimensional presentation.”

Carolyn Brooks

Independent Instructional Designer

“I’ve seen your VIDIZMO solution – it looks very interesting, allowing any individual to quickly upload and publish an On-Demand video presentation without any encoding.”

Vibor Cipan

Microsoft Dynamics UX Team - WPF & Prototyping Spec. MVP for Expression Microsoft

“VIDIZMO has a great idea and good market positioning with unique features. I see how ability to create video mashups and quizzes is attractive to corporations, and also the ability to track video viewing analytics on assigned, in-duration and completed presentations.”

Nikola Mihaylov

Software Design Engineer/Test Visual Studio Silverlight/WPF Designer Team, Microsoft Corporation

“Very impressive work! I’ve seen elements of VIDIZMO in various systems, but not one product that brings everything together in such a seamless manner.”

David Chou

Architect - Developer & Platform Evangelism, Microsoft Corporation

“It’s amazing! After seeing your product, I feel that your product is ultimate and best suitable for corporations. I have gone through the complete product. Its awesome!”

Eka Pillai

VP – Operations, CRENSER – Creative Engineering Services

“VIDIZMO is a remarkable product, the right platform and is a real powerhouse in the e-learning market. This is a must see or shall I say a must ‘experience’!”

Patrick Simon

President & CEO, BEEHIVE Technology Solutions LLC

“I was very impressed in the way VIDIZMO approaches training and certification in the on-line world.”

Michael Kalb

Consultant / Trainer, Michael Kalb & Associates

“I was impressed with VIDIZMO’s capabilities to produce, broadcast and evaluate training materials.”

Bob Heller

President, Outcomes Today

“I met an excellent gold certified partner, VIDIZMO at EDUCAUSE in Orlando this week. They have an amazing full-blown production S+S Solution for Education & Learning.”

Erik Leaseburg

Technology Solutions Professional, Microsoft US Education

“(WOW!!) I want to be able develop interactive web-based training programs. I’ve used Authorware and Captivate in the past. When I saw what VIDIZMO can do on your website, I decided that this is what I want to use.”

Alan Landers

President, FirstStep Performance Consulting

“I’ve visited your website, several times and sent some of my contacts to it, because what it looks like is the perfect tool.”

Karenne Joy Sylvester

Kalinago English (Germany)


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