Digital Evidence Management System Features

DEMS provides a broad set of features to enable and facilitate public safety & law enforcement agencies for managing digital evidence in a secure and centralized system.

Features List

Evidence Security

Control Access to All Evidence

Chain of Custody

Maintain Audit Trails for Chain of Custody


Redact PII & Sensitive Information from Evidence

Multi View Stream Mosaic

Illustrate, sync and adjust playback of digital evidence via split screens.

Artificial Intelligence

Save Time & Resources on Evidence Management with AI

Transcription and Translation

Automatic Transcription & Translation

Automatically Transcribe and Translate Evidence for Legal Transcriptions


Intelligent Search

Quickly Find and Search Inside Evidence

Role-Based Access Control

Control Access & Permissions with User Roles


Adhere to Legal Frameworks such as CJIS, FIPS, CRoC, HIPAA and more

Deployment Options

Deploy in a Commercial or Government Cloud, On-Premises or Hybrid Infrastructure


Seamlessly Integrate with Business & IT Systems

RMS Integration

Add Evidence Management to Your RMS

Public Portal

Public Portal

Enable Citizens to Submit Evidence

Prosecutors Portal

Prosecutors Portal

Better Manage the Discovery Process for Prosecutors

Public Defenders Portal

Public Defenders Portal

Streamline Evidence Management for Public Defenders

Prosecutors Portal

Internal Affairs Portal

Empower Internal Affairs Investigations


Desktop Application

View Evidence Offline & Automate Uploading

Mobile Version

Upload, Manage & Share Evidence From Your Smartphone

Evidence Sharing

Securely Share Evidence with the Intended Stakeholders

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DEMS Features

EVCM Features