A Flexible System for Digital Evidence Collection and Preservation

Simplify the collection of digital evidence from various sources and preserve it more effectively by hosting it in a centralized repository which supports all formats and automatic ingestion

Integrate Digital Evidence Management System with Evidence Collection Tools

Integrate Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) with Evidence Collection Tools

Plenty of modern evidence is collected from body cams, dash cams, CCTV surveillance camera, and even drones. Plus, phone call recordings are often evidentiary as well. By integrating with evidence collection tools and systems, DEMS automatically ingests and supports 255+ file formats, making digital evidence collection, preservation, and analysis easy and secure.

Body-Worn Cameras

Law enforcement agencies are increasingly inundated with body-worn camera (BWC) footage and struggle with managing and organizing that footage in silos. DEMS makes storing and preserving digital evidence much easier by automatically ingesting the BWC footage in a centralized system as soon as the unit is connected to the computer system, Wi-Fi or the docking station.


Dashboard Cameras

Law enforcement agencies struggle with dashcam footage just as much as with BWC footage, in that it is in silos. When integrated with in-car video systems, VIDIZMO DEMS automatically ingests dashcam footage when the in-car video recorder is connected to the Wi-Fi or the computer system, taking evidence collection and preservation to the next level.

Surveillance Cameras

Storing and indexing the overwhelming amount of video footage from surveillance systems is a daunting task. Upon integration, VIDIZMO DEMS automatically ingests the surveillance footage from CCTVs and interrogation room recordings, and indexes entire lengths of the footage for easy digital evidence analysis and preservation.


Drone Cameras

With drones finding an increasing use in law enforcement, storing and managing the drone footage is a comparatively new challenge. VIDIZMO DEMS puts law enforcement agencies ahead of that challenge by ingesting drone footage into a centralized repository for easy, secure and effective storage and management of drone footage.

Phone Call Recordings

Law enforcement phone call recordings, such as 911 calls, live in silos. They can be evidentiary in certain cases and investigators have to sift through several hours of recorded calls to find relevant details. By integrating with systems like Pexip VIDIZMO DEMS automatically ingests, indexes and transcribes the calls that are routed and recorded using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).


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