Improve Visual Claims Management Process

Provide faster claim resolution and higher policyholder satisfaction with a digital evidence management system

Whether it is dealing with vehicle, property & casualty or health claims, insurers and claims investigators face the same problems: insurance risks being high due to insufficient evidence, inefficient back-office workflows caused by outdated technology, low customer retention, etc. Insurers are utilizing video calls and photos as evidence from the scene to do remote loss adjustment sessions.

But where do these large video and image files get stored? How do they get organized for quick access when they are needed the most, and how to review lengthy loss adjustment recordings without facing burnouts? The digital evidence management system enables insurance providers to improve the overall claims management processing.

Whether it is dealing with vehicle, property
Organize Recorded Loss Adjustment Session Videos in One Place

Organize Recorded Loss Adjustment Session Videos in One Place

Before video chat was prevalent, insurance claim experts would spend hours working on a single claim. Nowadays, insurance providers can guide policyholders in real time by remotely assessing damage through interactive video calls. Securely archive video recordings of loss adjustment sessions in one place and improve overall claims management process with better judgement on claim payouts and reduce onsite visits.

Streamline Office Workflows with Artificial Intelligence

Using AI, VIDIZMO leverages video-enabled insurance services to increase productivity in the claims management process from better assessments by searching inside the video, enhance customer service with rapid evidence searchability and machine generated transcriptions for recorded sessions, to better risk management by reducing claim lifecycle from months to days.

Streamline Office Workflows with Artificial Intelligence
Manage Audiovisual Evidence from Different Policyholders

Manage Audiovisual Evidence from Different Policyholders

With a policyholder portal, support various video and other media formats coming from CCTV surveillance, smartphones, drone cameras, in-vehicle/semi-truck cameras (dash cams) and others. Coupled with scalable storage, different policyholders can securely upload their images and video recordings of any size and format for adjusters and insurance investigators to perform immediate review.

Automatically Transcribe Recordings to Save Time and Avoid Regulatory Fines

Regulatory agencies like FINRA, SEC, and NAIC expect financial services providers, including the insurance sector, to both record and transcribe customer calls. But manually transcribing and searching for missing details from thousands of hours can prove to be both daunting and costly. Drastically cut down process time and effectively meet federal and state legal requirements with automatic transcription to quickly find and jump to important moments. What is more? Through recording and transcribing, both insurer and customer get the peace of mind that no details will be misinterpreted/forgotten.

Automatically Transcribe Recordings to Save Time and Avoid Regulatory Fines
Adding to the inefficient claims management processes from legacy methods comes the burden of incurring heavy costs from claims leakage and insurance fraud. As per Cargo Group’s photo inspections, about $1.8 billion were identified as pre-existing damage in automobiles from 2014 to 2018 in New York state, saving insurers $128 million from paying false claims.

Key Features


Policyholder Portals for Multiple Insurance Types

Segregate photos and recorded video chat sessions from different types of policyholders such as property and casualty (P&C), vehicle, health insurance and more by creating, customizing, and managing dedicated portals

Search Inside Video

Analyze Better with Search Inside Video

In addition to platform wide search, select relevant segments within the audio and video timeline where faces, objects, and spoken words occurred to drastically reduce the review process time in claims management

Automated Transcription

Automatically Transcribe Loss Adjustment Sessions

Overcome the painstaking claims report writing process by generating AI-powered transcription in a matter of minutes. Make speech from audio and video recordings searchable and jump to the exact moment the spoken words occurred without the need to watch entire claims adjustment sessions


Smart Tags for Rapid Evidence Searchability

Sift through multiple loss adjustment recorded sessions within the evidence library as the Artificial Intelligence assigns labels to categorize each uploaded file and accelerate evidence searchability. Option to manually customize auto tags is also present to sort video recordings, images, and other documents based on insurance types


Avoid Hefty Compliance Fines

Leverage features such as automatic transcription & translation, face and object detection, search for written or spoken words inside video evidence to accelerate the review process, reduce human errors, and detect regulatory compliance risks

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Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Compatible with Any Multimedia Source

View and maintain all types of digital evidence, such as CCTV footage, video chat session recordings, in-vehicle/semi-truck cameras (dash cams), documents, audio recordings, photos and more

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