Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) Integrations

Integrate all software applications that store or generate digital evidence and use DEMS as a centralized repository where officers can quickly search and share digital evidence

A Broad Range of Integrations to Save Law Enforcement Officers Precious Time

Disconnected digital evidence software applications hinder an officer’s ability to search and share intended digital evidence quickly. To help save crucial time for your agency, DEMS integrates and connects with all digital evidence software programs to create a centralized evidence repository where searching, sharing and managing digital evidence becomes simple and quick.

Record Management Systems (RMS)

Integrate your Record Management System (RMS) with Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) to streamline and simplify crime investigations and serve quick justice. RMS integration, via secure protocol, automatically ingests digital evidence files such as incident reports into DEMS.


Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)

Integrate your CAD with DEMS to search and discover all calls, texts and radio recordings linked to a crime. This integration helps investigators search, view, hear and analyze all CAD recordings and solve cases faster.

Digital Evidence Collection Systems

Store and preserve your digital evidence in a single, centralized repository by integrating your evidence collection systems, like dashboard cameras, body-worn cameras, video surveillance systems and even phone call recording systems, with DEMS. Automatically ingest digital evidence from multiple sources, manage them in relevant case folders, and share them with relevant personnel, within or beyond the agency.

Integrate Digital Evidence Management System with Evidence Collection Tools

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Authenticate access to your digital evidence management seamlessly with single sign-on. Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) supports integration with a wide range of SSO providers including directory services such as Azure AD and Identity Access Management (IAM) such as Okta.


DEMS Features

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