Accelerate Audio and Video Redaction Using Artificial Intelligence

Streamline your redaction to expedite investigations and put freed resources to better use.

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Focus More on Cases Than Complex Administrative Workflows

AI-powered audio and video redaction reduces significant costs and labor hours from traditional redaction workflows. Increase efficiency with a single click after analyzing all the required Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within the digital evidence.

Meet Surging Public Information Requests in Time

Public safety agencies have a sense of urgency to adhere to federal and state level compliances such as GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, FOIA and others. Maintain compliance with rapid redaction of face, body, objects in video, and spoken words in audio to protect the identities of witnesses, minors, and innocent bystanders.

Redact Audio and Video Evidence in Any Format

Automate the review process by marking possible faces and bodies within the incident captured from various recording systems such as dash and body cams, CCTV surveillance footage and others.

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Redact Audio, Images and Automatic Transcriptions

Mute or beep audio segments, blur or crop objects in images, and hide specific texts from generated transcriptions.

Key Redaction Capabilities

Redaction Styles

Redaction Styles

Protect identities by pixelating, blurring, or adding a black box.


Detect & Track

Automatic detection and tracking of faces and people. Preview pane also shows custom objects.



Define start and end time to quickly redact audio containing classified details.



Built in editing tool to completely remove frames containing unwanted footage.


Train AI Engine

Improve the accuracy of AI detection capability with system updates.

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VIDIZMO Offers a Secure Digital Evidence Management System with Multiple Features

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DEMS Features

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