Evidence Management Compliance Made Simple

Leverage a consolidated evidence management system with features and functions that help you meet all your digital evidence compliance requirements.

Meet All Compliance Needs With VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)

VIDIZMO DEMS offers a variety of security controls and features to ensure compliance with the latest federal regulations and standards. With our CJIS and FIPS 140-2 compliant system working in tandem with cloud services such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can fulfil a wide variety of security and regulation compliance standards in addition to major ones like ITAR, and EAR, to satisfy your requirements. On demand of the customer, the system can also offer FedRAMP compliance through partners on moderate and high impact levels.
Prevent Unauthorized Access to Protect Evidence Integrity

Quickly Identify Compliance Risks by Extracting Vital Insights

Quickly discover and surface actionable insights from evidence data to detect regulatory compliance risks. Leverage features such as automatic transcription & translation, face, and object detection, search for written or spoken words inside video evidence to accelerate the process, reduce human errors, and devote your resources for other tasks.

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Key Features for Evidence Management Compliance

End-to-End Encryption

Ensure evidence security and protection with encryption at rest and in transit with FIPS compliant end-to-end encryption

Audit Trails

Maintain a chronological list of records of all user activity and evidence handling to present detailed logs for compliance such as CJIS and more

Centralized Identity Management

Integrate with your choice of single sign-on providers for centralized and authenticated user access across all systems

Artificial Intelligence

Discover and protect sensitive information from evidence by searching through automated transcription, translation, and redacting faces and other PII before sharing with intended audiences


Ensure FIPS-compliant end-to-end encryption for protecting sensitive evidence data in transit and at rest

Access Management and Evidence Integrity

Control access to sensitive data and ensure the authenticity of evidence using security controls

Evidence Availability & Retention

Control the availability and establish a custom retention policy for data such as video evidence to meet retention compliance regulations in different industries

Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy DEMS in a CJIS-compliant government cloud, on-premise server, or a hybrid model depending on compliance requirements

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VIDIZMO Offers a Complete Digital Evidence Management System

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