Collect and Extract Insights, Analyze, Translate, and Redact Digital Evidence Using Artificial Intelligence

Streamline workflows by relieving pressures from overstretched and overworked resources.

Dive Deeper into the Digital Evidence Pool

Digital evidence collection and management can now be more effective via smart tags generated from Artificial Intelligence. Remove or customize tags on a case-by-case basis.

Improve Audio and Video Evidence Accessibility

Improve Audio and Video Evidence Accessibility

Automatically generate transcription and close captioning, while simultaneously making evidence text more accessible for search.

Support Diverse Law Enforcement User-Base

With broad language support, translate the digital evidence into 20+ languages to accelerate the process at scale, serving multiple purposes.

Support Diverse Law Enforcement User Base

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Redirect Saved Time from Inconsequential Parts of Video Evidence

Redirect Saved Time from Inconsequential Parts of Video Evidence.

Sift through the lengthy digital evidence footage in a matter of minutes. Use Artificial Intelligence to collect and extract actionable insights by finding elements occurring within the timeline and jumping straight to the specific segment.

Mask Sensitive Information from Massive Volumes of Video and Audio Evidence

Rapidly analyze and redact to stay in compliance, cut down review time and minimize human prone errors with accuracy.

Mask Sensitive Information from Massive Volumes of Video and Audio Evidence

Assisting law enforcement agencies
to search and review smarter,
not harder

Key Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Facial, Body and Object Detection

Automate detection and tracking of faces and bodies within the surveillance footage. Semi-automatic option to also mark custom objects such as license plates and other PII

Search within Video

In addition to platform-wide search, jump to relevant segments in audio and video timeline where objects of interest are present

Auto Tags

Improve your navigation experience within the evidence library by labeling each digital evidence with machine-generated tags. Manual customization is also available


Hide confidential information for legal purposes in multiple video evidence formats. Apply redaction on audio and image evidence, including text from automatic transcriptions

Speech to Text

Overcome the painstaking report writing process as the DEMS portal offers support in 40+ languages

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