Save Time & Find Relevant Information Quickly Using AI-Powered Search

Save your time by searching for evidence expeditiously using VIDIZMO’s AI-Powered multifaceted search and solve the cases faster.

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Minimize Time and Productivity Loss

Save time and costs while freeing up valuable resources by using VIDIZMO’s AI-powered search that helps you find information inside video evidence instantly. Find and retrieve evidence faster than ever and increase case clearance rates by rapidly identifying suspect.

Minimize Time & Productivity Loss

VIDIZMO is recognized as a Major Player in the 2020 IDC MarketScape

Prevent Unauthorized Access to Protect Evidence Integrity

Keep Officers on the Street & Let Artificial Intelligence work for you

Save manhours and search digital evidence using the actionable insights generated by artificial intelligence (AI) such as transcription, face recognition, objects, sentiments, tags etc.

Key Search Capabilities

Spoken Words

Every spoken word in video evidence is captured and indexed by Automatic speech recognition (ASR) to enhance search

On-Screen Text

Every word that appears on the screen is captured and indexed by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to augment search


Every object that appears in video evidence is captured and indexed by artificial intelligence (AI) and helps in finding relevant evidence

Multilingual Search

Video evidence in more than 40 languages can be automatically indexed and instantaneously searched in the relevant language

Metadata & Parameters

Narrow down the search through user and system-defined parameters such as title, evidence owner, case ID, lead investigator, etc.


Create folders and sub-folders to narrow down your searches from a broader scope and swiftly search for evidence based on these folders

Manual & Autogenerated Tags

VIDIZMO’s artificial intelligence capabilities generates tags automatically to enhance search and limit the search results to evidence that includes the tags you have entered in the search bar

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VIDIZMO Offers a Secure DEMS with Multiple Features

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