Hassle-Free Digital Evidence Management to Automate Discovery Process for Prosecutors

From Evidence Intake to Case Closure – We got you covered throughout your case-solving
journey through automated digital evidence management!

Create Your Own Prosecutor Portal

Empower governmental organizations to organize and handle a wide variety of digital evidence. Create multiple separate portals for prosecutors to gain valuable insights from evidence, prepare for the court trial faster and rightly serve justice.

VIDIZMO empowers prosecutors to create their own prosecutor portal for managing and sharing discovery securely in less time.

Streamline the Discovery Process for Prosecutors

Searching for truth and transparency is not
a challenge anymore!

Streamline the Discovery Process for Prosecutors

Handle More Data with Limited Time and Resources

Upload, organize, manage, and share heaps of digital evidence coming from sources like CCTV, body worn cameras, drone cams, mobile phones, and vehicle dashcams in a separate portal.

VIDIZMO’s multitenant functionality allows prosecutors to upload, organize, manage and share valuable case-related information with defense, other agencies, and courts while remaining segregated in a separate portal securely.

Automate the Manual Workflows of Discovery Management

With limited time and resources, leaving behind the manual process of managing stacks of digital evidence.

Prosecutors can now empower themselves to efficiently gather, handle and share evidence with VIDIZMO AI-Powered features.

Streamline the Discovery Process for Prosecutors

Secure Evidence Disclosure for Interactive Collaboration

Seamless evidence sharing experience for prosecutors. Share evidence with defense attorneys and other relevant parties with a complete chain of custody, add notes and annotations to highlight significant information in digital evidence files.

Maintain Evidence Integrity for Court Presentation

Prosecutors must ensure that the evidence presented is preserved by maintaining an audit log, tamper detection workflows and establishing the complete chain of custody for each evidence file ensuring evidence integrity at all levels.
Streamline the Discovery Process for Prosecutors
Streamline the Discovery Process for Prosecutors

Close Your Cases Faster and Deliver Justice

With a Prosecutor portal, digital evidence can be managed easily, and data insights are gathered, allowing the case to be closed faster and more efficiently while delivering justice timely.

Key Capabilities of Prosecutor Portal

Secure & Easy Evidence Sharing

Content Segregation

Prosecutors can organize and segregate their cases separately that cannot be accessible by other officers.

Complete Data Security

Complete Data Security

All data is kept secure within separate portals, fulfill FIPS-Compliance, end-to-end encryption, tamper detection with independent security policies.

Audit Trails

Role Based Access Control

Restrict access to authorized personnel only with different roles and predefined set of permissions and responsibilities in the portal, ensuring limited and secure access to highly important digital evidence files.

Scalable Storage & Flexible Deployment

Comprehensive Chain of Custody

Maintain a chronological list of all user actions performed on digital evidence to maintain the chain of custody and ensure evidence integrity.

Secure & Easy Evidence Sharing

Secure and Limited Evidence Disclosure

Swiftly disclose your discovery to relevant parties without using local drives such as DVDs. Multiple sharing options include sharing via email, set number of views, expiry links, block downloads etc. 

Complete Data Security

Scalable Storage and Flexible Deployment Options

Choose from a variety of deployment options to store and share evidence files collected, including cloud storage for easy scalable capacity. 

Audit Trails

Smart Court Trial Preparation

With insights gained from the discovery process, prosecutors use automatic redaction, multilingual transcription, and other smart features for effective trial preparation and presentation in court. 

Scalable Storage & Flexible Deployment

Automatic Redaction

To meet legal compliance requirements, automatically redact personally identifiable information in video and audio files.  

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