Build Strong Cases and Ensure Secure Evidence Sharing

Simplify Evidence Sharing Process with defense attorneys for competent court trial preparation with VIDIZMO’s smart sharing capabilities..

Accelerate your case solving journey!

Your cases are important and need to be solved in a timely manner. Store and share your relevant evidence files with the concerned authorities to avoid court trial delays.
Share Evidence With Only the Relevant Stakeholders

Share Evidence Exclusively with Relevant Stakeholders

Share your digital evidence with relevant stakeholders only, prevent unauthorized access, protect your data from getting into wrong hands and ensure data privacy in all means.

Seamless Disclosure of Evidence with Defense

Simplify digital evidence disclosure with Defense attorneys for greater transparency and collaboration. Highlight any important information with annotations, add notes and other interactive elements.
Share Evidence With Only the Relevant Stakeholders

Evidence Sharing with Topnotch Security

Share your evidence internally or externally with multiple layers of security and various security controls. Create multiple links for each evidence file for evidence sharing with different users.

Share Evidence with Organizations Externally

Share evidence with people who are not part of your portal by emailing a link to view evidence only for a limited time frame. 


Meet Compliance Requirements While Sharing Evidence Publicly

Redact personal information that reveals someone’s identity or confidential information in video and audio files before sharing it with the public or media personnel, fulfilling major compliances such as FOIA, GDPR, CJIS etc.

Key Capabilities of Evidence Sharing


Sharing with Limited Time and Views

Set limited number of days, number of views and time span per person for viewing evidence.

Secure Evidence Sharing

FIPS-compliant AES-256 encryption at rest and in transit, Password protection, IP restriction and optional Digital Rights Management (DRM) support.


Generate Multiple Links

Multiple links can be generated for each evidence file that can be expired when needed.


Evidence Sharing with Chain of Custody Records

Share your case folders containing evidence files with chain of custody reports that proves evidence is authentic and protected from unauthorized access. 

Sharing via Email Link

Share evidence and invite people outside the organization by entering recipient’s email addresses and authenticate them to view the evidence.


Meet Compliances

Meet all security and regulatory compliance requirements while sharing case related information publicly.


Video Redaction

Blur, pixelate or add a redact box over the detected items such as face, license plate, weapon, people in video evidence before revealing it to public or media.

Audio Redaction

Bleep or mute undesired sensitive words in audio evidence files such as 911 phone call recordings before sharing.


Editing Capabilities

For easy and more productive collaboration, edit your videos before sharing with defense. Trim unwanted parts, clip video into multiple parts.

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