Enable Offline Viewing & Automatically Sync Evidence

View and automatically sync evidence uploading without network or browser dependencies through VIDIZMO’s easy-to-install desktop application for Windows, Mac, and Linux users.



Present Evidence in Court Without Any Network Dependencies

Instantly playback evidence offline in the courtroom at the ease of your own comfort and convenience with no network dependencies. Centrally manage your downloads and keep your evidence’s meta-information always synchronized to be able to present in the court.

Prevent Unauthorized Access to Protect Evidence Integrity
Prevent Unauthorized Access to Protect Evidence Integrity

Automate Workflows to Upload & Manage Evidence

Upload and manage evidence in any format, from any source to VIDIZMO directly from your desktop. VIDIZMO’s watch folders are designed to automatically scan and sync evidence uploading without going through the hassle of logging into the Portal and filling out the fields every time.

Track Offline Activity to Ensure Evidence Integrity

Get a chain of custody report for all offline activity on the evidence, which is synced every time users connect to the internet to track and prove the chronology of events that occur using the digital evidence chain of custody.

Prevent Unauthorized Access to Protect Evidence Integrity

VIDIZMO is recognized as a Major Player in the 2020 IDC MarketScape

Key Desktop Application Capabilities

Offline Viewing

Download evidence files to make them available for offline viewing

Automatic Synchronization

Maintaining chain of custody, access control, and other portal settings are automatically synchronized every time you connect to the internet

Watch Folder

Automatically synchronize and upload evidence in any format, from any source to VIDIZMO directly from your desktop

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VIDIZMO Offers a Secure DEMS with Multiple Features

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