Consolidate and ManageAll Digital Evidence in One System

Take control of ever-increasing digital evidence with a secure Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)
to simplify ingestion, storage, sharing and tracking of evidence in a centralized repository

Minimizing Evidence-Related Paperwork for a Wide Range of Use Cases


Video Surveillance




Law Enforcement


Commercial Security


VIDIZMO is recognized as a Major Player in the 2020 IDC MarketScape

An Elaborate Feature-Set for Simplifying Evidence Sharing and Expediting Delivery of Justice


Control and Track Digital Evidence in Evidence Library

Evidence library helps law enforcement agencies overcome resource constraints and comes to grips with the challenges associated with digital evidence management by providing case folders, metadata, and tagging to organize, manage, and analyze digital evidence. This allows law enforcement officers to save precious time otherwise spent on administrative tasks related to evidence.


Manage Complete Digital Evidence Life Cycle

Law enforcement agencies can host digital evidence with complete evidence management life cycle, starting from media uploading, transcoding, transcription and storage to searching, sharing, distribution and disposition. This eliminates the need for managing and maintaining multiple digital evidence repositories and ultimately saves resources of the agency.


Integrate All Systems for Efficient Evidence Management

DEMS can be integrated with the agency’s existing applications such as Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), Record Management System (RMS), and more with its flexible application architecture. This integration connects all disconnected systems that produce and store digital evidence and as a result, streamlines the overall digital evidence management process.


Analyze Digital Evidence with Analytical Tools

Digital evidence can be analyzed in-depth with frame by frame video analysis, object, voice and facial recognition, GIS crime map and much more. By using analytical tools law enforcement officers save time spent on watching long hours of evidentiary videos to quickly find insightful information.


Track and Protect the Integrity of Digital Evidence

The security and integrity of all digital evidence can be ensured through chain of custody, tamper detection, audit logs, role-based access control and more, which makes the evidence admissible in the court of law.


Adhere to Local, National and International Security Compliances

VIDIZMO is aligned with all major compliances such as CJIS, GDPR etc., to ensure robust data security and privacy. With on-premise or government cloud deployment, adherence to all local, national and international compliances is ensured.

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