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Unleash the Potential Of Our Enterprise Video Platform : Solving Your Diverse Video Challenges

There are 100s of video challenges in an enterprise. Talk about who gets to see your videos and who doesn’t? Are videos overloading your corporate network? How are recorded meetings being managed while adhering to all compliance requirements? And the list goes on…

Our Enterprise Video platform, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube offers a range of features to help you solve all of these challenges, through one system! At the basic level, it’s a YouTube-like portal for you to upload and stream videos. But if you dive in deeper, it offers much more…


Live Streaming

Conduct multiple low latency live streams internally or externally, which can be scaled according to audience size.


On-demand Streaming

Stream on-demand videos in high-definition, seek frame by frame and navigate through keyboard shortcuts, add closed captions, annotations, and attach files.


Secure Internal Video Streaming

Restrict access to signed-in users only, for both live and on-demand videos. Choose for every video if they should be restricted or be available for anonymous access.


Sharing and Access Management

Choose to share videos selectively through multiple tokenized links. Or define granular access to make a video available to select users, groups, or the entire organization.


Multiple Video Portals

Create multiple video portals in one account, one for each department to keep content segregated between them.


SSO and IAM Integration

Integrate with your SSO or IAM system, to sync user groups (SCIM) and centrally manage user identities.



Integrate the video platform with your LMS, CMS, Zoom, MS Teams, CRM, and more.


AI Powered Search

Use AI to search inside videos for spoken words, faces, objects, and on-screen text.


Video Encoding

Create multiple video renditions and stream using adaptive bitrate streaming, for optimized playback.


Video Embedding

Embed videos on any site. Choose to keep embedded videos public or restricted to authenticated audiences only.



Insert quizzes, surveys and handouts in on-demand videos and use live chat and Q&A to interact with your audience in a live stream.


Brandable UI

Create beautiful YouTube-like video portals, which match your brand color, use your language, logo and fonts, and you can also host the portal on your domain.



Reduce congestion on your internal network by intelligently routing video through means of an eCDN.

One Video System for All Video Use Cases

Ever wondered what the word ‘Enterprise” means in an enterprise video management system? Well, it can be best explained by what our platform VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube does – allowing your organization to manage and stream videos for all possible scenarios across your Enterprise.

Need to stream training video to select internal audiences? And also need to embed a few marketing videos on your site? Need to conduct a live event once every month? Rather than using separate video systems for each of your video use cases, you can use one system to do it all.

Training and Learning

Create an organized YouTube-like library of all your training videos and stream them to your employees internally.

Video Archive

Bring your old video content to life by creating an easily accessible YouTube-like library where they can be viewed and shared conveniently.

Corporate Communications

Conduct CEO townhalls or other corporate events with live streaming, and share important announcements with employees internally.

Managing Recorded Zoom Meetings

Automatically ingest recorded meetings from Zoom, MS Teams etc. and manage them in a convenient on-demand library.

Knowledge Management

Allow experienced employees and subject matter experts to upload video content and share it with others in your organization.

Live Events

Conduct interactive virtual live events with internal or external audiences.

Remote Work

Create a video repository and enable your employees to access content remotely.

Marketing and Sales

Stream videos to public audiences through a public video portal or by embedding these videos on your website.

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Why Choose VIDIZMO Enterprise Video Platform for Video Management?

Centralized Video Content Management

Rather than using multiple systems to manage videos for separate use cases, use one system to do it. All of this makes it easy for your IT and compliance teams.

Access Management

To make sure videos are not accessed by those that aren’t supposed to, you can define video sharing and access settings on a granular level. And also impose the right policies to govern how your video data is used.


We place security at the forefront, and this is evident from the fact that organizations like the US State Department trust our platform. End-to-end encryption, role-based access controls, security policies and much more for video security.

Compliance Fulfillment

It’s important to manage your video data in a way that you maximize its value, and at the same time remain compliant with industry and regulatory compliances. With VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube, you can effectively govern how your users utilize your video data, by implementing the necessary security measures, controls and policies.


Ease of Use

Using our platform is as easy as using YouTube. From management to video consumption, our design philosophy places a high emphasis on ease-of-use.


Need to store a few videos today? Might grow to TBs tomorrow? Our solutions are highly flexible, and you can scale up or down as need be. Start with on-demand streaming today for one department. Add more portals and users for other departments later. Upgrade to live streaming when the need arises.

Flexibility in Deployment

Our cloud? Your cloud? Their cloud? Choose to store your data according to your preferences. You can get VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube as SaaS, host in your Azure or AWS account, or any other cloud, including your on-premise datacenter.


We understand that videos don’t operate in silos. We also understand that duplication of data is a nightmare. Integrate VIDIZMO with a wide range of IT applications to enable your users to access videos right where they need them.

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