EnterpriseTube Features

EnterpriseTube is trusted for its ability to solve identity management, security and compliance requirements, through detailed features within the application, integrations and its deployment flexibility.

Features List

Video Content Management

Centrally manage and deliver videos securely

Live Streaming

Stream interactive live video to large audiences worldwide

On-demand Video Streaming

Upload videos for your audience to watch at their own pace

Video Player

Stream video on all browsers and devices using a robust HTML5 player

Secure Video Streaming

Secure your videos from unauthorized access

Mobile Application

Stream, manage and share videos directly from your smartphones

Desktop Application

Leverage a desktop version of the platform for offline playback

Video Search and Discovery

Index and quickly find videos in a large library

SSO Integration

Authenticate users and limit access through integrations with 25+ SSO, IAM, & SCIM

Video Delivery

Effectively scale and stream video for an optimized playback experience

Video Data Governance

Enforce specific policies for your videos to meet compliances and maintain data privacy

Content Sharing and Access Management

Ensure videos are accessible to intended audiences only

Analytics Dashboard

Get greater visibility on how your content is consumed and what to improve

Video Artificial Intelligence

Enable smart video management through the power of AI


Engage audiences with interactive videos by adding quizzes, surveys and more


Integrate and improve video playback across IT systems

Brandable Video Portal

Customize the platform’s look to represent your brand

Users and Groups

Manage users and create groups to control access and permissions

Video Encoding

Enable playback under varying bandwidth conditions

Video Portal

Create secure internal or external brandable video portals

Multiple Autonomous Video Portals

Leverage autonomous portals for content and user segregation

Video Content Library

YouTube-like video library for content organization and secure sharing

Video Embedding

Embed videos for a seamless playback experience on external sites

255+ File Formats Support

Upload and share all kinds of videos and other digital media in different formats

Video Editing

Cut, Split and do much more with your videos to make them more engaging


Optimize content delivery on your internal network by caching videos


End-to-end enterprise video platform with a built-in redaction tool sped up with AI-power facial detection capabilities.

Enterprise level video security

Experience worry-free non-stop video streaming with enterprise video security capabilities keeping all your valuable information locked in!

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