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Search Inside Videos! That Too in Your Language of Choice

Traditionally you could only search through video titles and descriptions, but our AI enhances your searchability and productivity by enabling search within videos for spoken words, faces, objects, speakers, topics and more. You can index video data through the following 2 ways:

Leverage Azure’s Video Indexing Technology

Leverage AI through Azure Cognitive Services or Azure Video Analyzer to index spoken words in around 52 languages, topics, and faces. Moreover, Azure’s AI is trained enough to index over 10,000 types of objects appearing in your videos.

Or Choose AWS

Through AWS Rekognition, benefit from scalable and enhanced search capabilities for flexible video indexing of objects, faces, scenes and text. Convert speech to text in more than 37 languages, with Amazon Transcribe.

Or Use VIDIZMO’s AI Engine

Leverage VIDIZMO DeepSearch AI technology to automatically generate closed captions and transcripts, in the cloud or on-premise. We also train custom AI engines for specific use cases.


Automated Transcription | Fast, Easy and Accurate

Reduce costs, save time, and improve productivity by letting AI do the work. Enable automatic closed captions and transcripts in 39 languages. Or transcribe a multilingual video having 4 spoken languages with support for 22 languages in total, while fulfilling accessibility requirements for Section 508, ADA and other accessibility compliances.

Bonjour! こんにちわ! Hello! Translate your Transcriptions into Multiple Languages

Make your videos accessible to your global audience by using our AI video software to translate closed captions and transcripts into around 52 languages.

Key AI Capabilities

AI Smart Search

Search through the entire video library and within videos, for faces, objects, tags, topics, and more through smart AI search

Automatic Closed Captioning

Automatically generate closed captions and transcripts in up to 39 languages

Translation of Closed Captions

Translate closed captions and transcripts into about 52 supported languages


Collaborate on videos by adding annotations to the important part

Automatic Tags

Automatically detect and label AI generated data (faces, objects, tags, topics etc.) in videos as tags to improve search and filtering

Sentiment Analysis

Index the speaker’s sentiments in video as positive, negative, or neutral, and view them on a timeline

Face Detection

Identify and highlight human faces appearing in a video and use our people’s timeline to fast forward to where they appear

Object Detection

Index objects, scenes and activity appearing in a video to improve search

Speaker Recognition

Identify multiple speakers appearing in a video and easily jump to the point where they appear in the video

Brand Recognition

Index brand names appearing or spoken in the video


Identify and make the text appearing in your videos searchable, such as in signboards, billboards, license plates, etc.

Content Recommendation

Maximize video consumption by recommending related media content to the users

Custom AI models

We provide custom AI models as part of professional services, to cater to specific video AI use cases

Multilingual Transcription

AI to generate closed captions for multiple languages being spoken in a single video for up to 4 different languages per video. 

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