Responsive HTML5, Video Player Embedding

Embed your videos for fast loading and seamless experience with VIDIZMO’s lightweight, responsive, and SEO-friendly HTML5 video player.

One-Click Embed

Embed your video with just one click. Generate HTML embed code in two ways, which are simple and easy.

Opt for Secure Embedding

Improve security by SSO-enabled embedding. It allows only authenticated users to access the embedded media on various websites, therefore controlling who can view the embedded media.

Shorten your load time

Improves user experience by shortening your website’s loading time


Updated the Video? No Need to Change the Embed Code

Need your updated video on VIDIZMO to be simultaneously updated on your website without having to touch its embed code? We can make that happen!

Indexed by Google: More traffic with Video SEO

Improve your video’s search engine visibility by allowing Google to index the HTML5 video player

Make the Video Player Yours!

Rebrand VIDIZMO’s video player as your own. Pick any color, style, or theme to ensure brand consistency in your embedded videos.

Key Embedding Capabilities


HTML Code Embed

Generate an HTML code and copy paste it in your website for embedding


SSO Enabled Embedding

You can enable Single Sign-On or authentication in your embedded video for improved security


Customized Branding

Pick any color, style, or theme for your video player to ensure brand consistency.


Replace Videos Easily

Updated video on VIDIZMO is simultaneously updated on your website without having to touch its embed code


Auto Play

Choose whether your video automatically starts playing or leave playback at the viewer’s discretion


Responsive of Fixed Embedding

For accommodating varying interfaces, choose whether the player is responsive or fixed


Limit Options for Your Audience

Limit options for your audience by customizing the player, so they can watch the video throughout without skipping, fast-forwarding or any other options


Jump Right to the Relevant Parts

Start your video directly at a particular time to directly show relevant content


Domain Restrictions

Blacklist or whitelist certain domains to restrict where your videos can be embedded


Embed Code Tracking

Through a single report, view all the places where the video was embedded. This helps in analyzing views that are generated from a particular embedded code.

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