High-Quality Cloud Video Encoding in Minutes

Cloud video encoding to automatically create multiple renditions to enable playback on varying device and under bandwidth conditions

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Low Bandwidth or Bandwidth Congestion? No Worries!

Automatically create multiple renditions from 4k to 240p, to enable playback under varying bandwidth conditions. Through adaptive bitrate streaming, videos are automatically delivered in the best possible quality depending on the end users’ bandwidth.


Play Videos on Any Device of Your Choice!

Do you have an IOS device? Or an Android? Using a phone or a tablet? Our cloud video encoding transcodes videos into multiple formats to ensure all is well when you hit that play button. No matter the device!

Save Cost by Encoding the Required Formats Only

Why create multiple formats when you only require a few. As an IT admin you can save cost by having control over what transcoding profiles are encoded.

From-Cloud-to-On-premises-Encoding-We have-Got-Them-All

From Cloud to On-premises Encoding – We’ve Got Them All

Our cloud? Your cloud? Their Cloud? No hassle! You can configure any encoding provider of your choice by contacting VIDIZMO Support. You can opt from

  • VIDIZMO On-premise Encoder
  • VIDIZMO Cloud Encoder
  • Azure Media Services (AMS)
  • AWS MediaConvert

Key Video Encoding Capabilities


Custom Encoding profiles

Have control over the profiles that are encoded and save cost by only creating the required encoding formats

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Depending on the users’ network strength, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube automatically plays the rendition that best fits their network connection

Multiple Device Support

Multiple Device Support

Automatically transcode videos into formats that can be viewed on all devices; desktop, mobiles, tablets etc

On-premises Encoding

On-premises Encoding

You can opt for an on-premises encoder for video streaming behind your firewall

Live Encoding

Live Encoding

Live streaming videos can also be transcoded into multiple formats. All happening in real time


High-Speed Encoding

Encoding can be done in a matter of minutes, not hours, through VIDIZMO

Live Encoding

Enable/Disable Transcoding

For cost management, a user can enable or disable transcoding feature as they wish.

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VIDIZMO Offers an End-To-End Enterprise Video Platform with Multiple Features

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