Scalable and Interactive Live Streaming Solution

Stream to an unlimited number of concurrent viewers on any device with a complete interactive live video streaming Solution.

Random Surges in Audience Size? No Need to Worry!

Conduct a disruption-free live stream smoothly without worrying about unexpected surges in viewership. VIDIZMO’s CDN-support and intelligent load balancing allow you to scale your live stream elastically.


Security That Fits Your Needs

Need to conduct a private live stream? Require only certain departments to be able to access it? Require authentication to access your live stream? Do it all and more using VIDIZMO’s extensive security features. For complete control and security, you can also live stream on-premise as well with our live streaming solution.

Reach Audiences Across the Globe

Be it a global conference or a company-wide meeting with offices spread across the world, utilize VIDIZMO’s out-of-the-box CDN technology and adaptive bitrate streaming to counter bandwidth challenges, and create a high-quality playback experience with reduced buffering.


No Device or Browser is Out of Reach

VIDIZMO’s powerful transcoding capabilities allow viewers to enjoy your live stream from any device and browser under varying bandwidth conditions.

Create a Broadcast-Level Experience

Utilize your existing encoding infrastructure or opt for any new software or hardware-based encoder.

Real-Time Mixing and Production

Jump between various media sources, stream from multiple devices, add a video, text overlay, etc., and ramp up your live stream’s production value through any encoder of your choice.

Wide Range of Encoder Support

VIDIZMO can ingest the feed from a range of RTMP or RTSP based encoders to provide HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), a widely supported format for optimized streaming.


Create an Interactive Live Streaming Experience With Our Live Streaming Solution

Let your viewers actively interact in your live streams through Live Chat, Q&A, and by adding real-time quizzes, surveys, and handouts.

Manage Your Live Stream from a Centralized Hub

VIDIZMO’s Live Control Room lets you add interactivity, moderate the participants and chat, and control how the entire session runs from a centralized location.


Even Live Streaming Through Drones is Not Out of Reach

Smoothly stream your footage from one or multiple drones in real-time, or record and stream it for viewing later from anywhere on any device.

Live Stream Your Video Conferencing Meetings

Securely live stream your online meetings to multiple users by integrating video conferencing systems such as Zoom or MS Teams with VIDIZMO’s live streaming solution. Leverage the platform’s extensive tools to add interactivity, manage access and record meetings for sharing as on-demand videos later.


Need Support? We are Here to Help!

Make your event stress-free! Opt to hand over your entire live event’s management to the support team available through VIDIZMO’s professional services.

VIDIZMO helps XcitED, one of the biggest EdTech startup event, go virtual

Highlighted Interactive Live Streaming Capabilities

Encoder Support

Encoder Support

Support available for a wide range of RTMP and RTSP-based encoders such as Wirecast, OBS Studio, JVC, Sony, etc.


HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

Stream videos in HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) for an optimized experience and support on various devices, browsers, and locations

Backup Live Streams

Redundant Backup Streams

Add multiple redundant streams to seamlessly shift from the main live stream to a backup in order to avoid disruptions caused by a failed stream during live sessions

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

VIDIZMO’s HTML5 video player uses adaptive bitrate streaming to deliver the best quality live streaming experience according to the users’ bandwidth conditions



Transcode your live stream into multiple renditions (resolution levels, bitrates, etc.) to ensure compatibility on varying devices and playback under low bandwidth conditions


CDN and eCDN support

Make your live stream smoothly available globally through VIDIZMO’s out-of-the-box CDN network or configure eCDNs for secure global content delivery on a private network


Record for On-Demand Playback

Record part or the entirety of your live stream and choose to purge or combine it for on-demand playback


Interactivity Elements

VIDIZMO enables your viewers to engage with your live stream in real-time using interactivity elements like live chat, Q&A, quizzes, surveys and more


Customizable Video Player

Create customized video player templates for specific live streaming use cases or entirely revamp the player styling through Custom CSS to create a more familiar, brand user interface

Live Analytics

Viewer engagement analytics alongside quiz and survey reports are available to keep track of how many viewers are tuned in and how many are paying attention

Secure Sharing

Secure Sharing

Security capabilities like SSO integration, Role-Based Access Control, content encryption and limited sharing ensures that your private live stream is securely restricted to authorized viewers only

Live DVR

Live DVR

Pause, rewind, and replay at any point during the live stream through the Live DVR functionality

Embedded Live Stream

Embed the interactive live stream on your website or any other web page to deliver it right where your viewers are

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