Interactive Online Video Player

Experience faster load times, better controls and impressive playback through VIDIZMO interactive online video player on any device

Responsive, Lightweight and Indexable


Desktop? Tablet or Phone? Your viewers can enjoy rich playback on any device or browser.

Easily Add Videos to Your Site

Easily generate lightweight embed codes (SSO enabled or public) to include videos on your external or internal sites.

Amplify Your Organic Reach

Index the closed captions of your videos to improve visibility on major search engines.


Video Isn’t Just One Way Communication. Interactivity is Important!

Test Viewers’ Knowledge or Generate Leads? You Can Do It All!

Easily add quizzes, handouts, surveys, audio files etc., to relevant parts within the video.

Engage Like Any Other Social Media Platform

Leave feedback through likes or comments, by sharing on your favorite social media, or by reporting content.

Watch, Read or Listen? You’ve Got Choices for Diverse Audiences!

Include closed captions (manually uploaded or AI-generated) in multiple languages. Attach audio description files and navigate through keyboard shortcuts for improved accessibility.

Transcripts for Those That Prefer to Read

Read, edit and improve search through the transcriptions included on the playback screen.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

A Video is Worth Millions!

Every Millisecond is Important!

Navigate through a video frame-by-frame for in-depth analysis.

Sometimes you Need to Elaborate

Annotate important parts of the video to communicate additional information to your audience.

Slow or Fast? Your Choice

Need to closely analyze a video? or want to skim through lengthy videos quickly? Adjust playback speed according to your liking.

Skip to Relevant Part of The Video

Scroll on the feedback bar to get a glimpse of what’s coming ahead in the video and jump to relevant parts if need be.

Drones are Revolutionary. It’s a Shame if You Can’t Plot All That They Capture

Plot drone movements on a Geospatial map and view it alongside the video. There’s much more KLV metadata that you can show alongside the video (for instance, temperature from heat sensors)


Customize the Playback Experience

Your Player, Your Brand

Customize the look and feel of the interactive video player using custom CSS.

Create Templates for Different Video Use Scenarios

Want to restrict seeking forward for a training video? Or want to keep the player simple for another video? Create multiple player templates; each with its branding, player settings and choice of options.

Don’t Remember Where You Left Off? No Worries, Our Player is Smart

Choose to allow the HTML5 player to automatically resume videos from where you left off.

Key Interactive Online Video Player Capabilities


Video Embedding

Easily generate lightweight embed codes to add your videos to any internal or external site



Add quizzes, handouts, or surveys to appear inside your video player, and these travel along with your videos to wherever they are embedded


Feedback Bar

Leave feedback by liking videos, commenting or sharing them on social media, or by reporting them



Collaborate on videos by adding annotations to the important part


Closed Captions

Automatically generate multilingual closed captions using AI. Closed captions can be toggled on or off, and users can select their language of choice


Read through searchable transcripts that are available next to the video player, choose your language, download or edit the transcripts if need be

Search Engine Indexing

You can choose to allow search engines to index the transcripts and closed captions in your videos

Keyboard Shortcuts

Access the video player functionalities (play, seek, pause etc.) through means of keyboard shortcuts

Attach Files

Attach files such as audio descriptions or handouts, to appear in the video player at a point of choice

Frame by Frame Analysis

The video player allows you to seek forward or backward by a single frame at a time

Playback Speed

Choose the video playback speed according to your liking by selecting one of the options provided in the player

Preview Thumbnails on Seekbar

View a short thumbnail of what’s going to happen next by hovering over the video seekbar

Geospatial Mapping

View drone movements (through KLV metadata) on a geospatial map next to the player

Player Branding

Modify the fonts and color of elements within the player to match your brand guideline

Customize Options on Player

Choose which buttons to display on the player (seek forward, seek backward, comments, closed captions toggle switch, and more)

Player Templates

Create predefined player templates, each with its own options, buttons and branding


Videos are encoded in multiple quality formats and you can choose the one that suits your preferences

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Through adaptive bitrate streaming, videos are streamed in the best possible quality depending on the end users’ bandwidth conditions

360-Degree Video Support

Enjoy an immersive experience by viewing 360-degree videos through the VIDIZMO player


View reports on users’ playback behavior within the player through completion heatmaps

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