On Demand
Video Streaming Platform

Stream on demand video content to audiences inside or outside your organization, for them to access remotely on any device, at their own schedule

It’s Just Like Creating Your Own
Private YouTube

Create a YouTube-like video library for on demand video streaming, with restricted or anonymous access. The process is simple, upload your videos and your audience can access them remotely from anywhere.

Readily Playable on Varying Devices and Bandwidth Conditions

Your audience may be watching videos on a range of different types of devices and in low bandwidth conditions as well. Nevertheless, ensure ready playback with minimum buffering through transcoding, adaptive bitrate streaming and delivery through CDNs.

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On Demand Video Streaming Through a White-Labelled Platform

Stream videos from a portal hosted on your domain with our on demand video streaming platform, and include your logo, brand colors, and background. Additionally, you can customize the layout and navigation bar, choose from more than 40 languages and do much more.

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A Rich HTML5 Video Player

Your audience can enjoy an immersive video experience through our HTML5 player that includes closed captions, keyboard shortcuts, editable transcripts, frame-by-frame seeking, annotations and more. As admins, you can control the playback experience as well by choosing which buttons to display on the player (enable/disable seeking, playback speed options, play/pause, etc.)

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Define for Every Video – Who Gets to See Them and Who Doesn’t

Our VOD platform offers an on-demand video library with defined access, where you can choose for each individual video file as to who gets to access it and what can they do after getting access (view only, download, share ahead, etc.). You can set video access as anonymous, inside the organization only, or for select users and groups.

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Keep an Eye on How Your Videos Are Performing

Analyze the performance of your videos through analytics reports that include views, engagement metrics, top-performing content, the overall quality of experience and more, including detailed logs for each video file.

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Keep Your Audience Engaged With Our VOD Platform

To encourage two-way communication, add interactive elements to your videos such as quizzes, surveys, forms, handouts, timed annotations, comments, etc.

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Effectively Manage Large Amounts of Videos – Across Multiple Systems With Our VOD Platform

Through rich and detailed features, organize your on demand video streaming content, integrate with your existing IT systems (Zoom, MS Teams, LMS, etc.), share with relevant audiences, and quickly find videos through powerful search.

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A Better Way to Manage Your Zoom Recordings

Automatically ingest your recorded meetings from Zoom, MS Teams, Cisco Webex and Blue Jeans. Create an on-demand video library of these meetings, define access and securely share them ahead.

Stream Accessible Video Content to Diverse Multilingual Audiences

Make your videos accessible with automatically generated closed captions and transcripts for all your on-demand videos in around 39 languages. Unlike other platforms, you can even enable multi-language transcription for videos with up to 4 spoken languages. Reach multilingual audiences by translating these closed captions into more than 52 languages.

Highlighted On Demand Video Streaming Capabilities



Transcode videos into multiple formats to ensure compatibility on varying devices and solve video buffering challenges


Add quizzes, forms, surveys, timed annotations and handouts to videos.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Automatically transcribe and generate closed captions for videos in around 39 languages, have these translated in over 52 languages, and even benefit from Multi-language transcription for content with up to 4 spoken languages out of the 22 languages we support.

Search Engine Indexing

AI-Powered Search

Search inside videos for spoken words, faces, objects and topics



View detailed reports on content engagement and performance, with the option to integrate with Google Analytics and Woopra as well

Audit Logs


Get detailed logs of all actions performed on the portal and for each individual file as well



Customize the layout and navigation bar of your on-demand video portal, use your colors and fonts and do much more. You can customize and brand the video player as well.

Desktop Application

Desktop Application

Download content for offline viewing and view it through the desktop application


Sharing and Access Management

Define access for every video or group of videos, and also set what users can do once they have access.


Integrate your on-demand video platform with a range of existing IT applications such as your CMS, LMS, Zoom, MS Teams, SSO and more.



Create multiple portals for each separate department for them to autonomously manage, brand and configure accordingly.

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VIDIZMO Offers an End-To-End Enterprise Video Streaming Platform with Multiple Features

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