Compliant Video Streaming and Data Governance

Designed to meet multiple compliance requirements, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube ensures paramount video data privacy and governance


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Why is Video Data Governance Important?

It’s important to manage your video data in a way that you maximize its value, and at the same time remain compliant with industry and regulatory compliances. As your organization grows in size and video data increases in number, without the right tools to enforce video policies, you are at the risk of breaching compliance.

With VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube, you can effectively govern how your users utilize your video data by implementing the necessary security measures, controls and policies.


Get Detailed Logs for All Activities Performed

Fulfill requirements for compliances like HIPAA, GDPR, etc., through detailed activity log reports available for the application and each video file – highlighting who, when and from which IP address viewed, modified or performed any action on your video data.

Limit Access to Sensitive Data

Define access for each individual video file or group of files, by keeping it restricted to select users or groups. You can also restrict what users can do once they have access, by blocking downloads, or restricting users from sharing, embedding or delegating access further. Users can be assigned one of the 5 pre-defined roles to limit the amount of control they have within the application.


Safeguard Data Using the Industry’s Leading Standards

Keep data secure from unauthorized parties through encryption at rest and in transit, centralized identity and access management through SSO integrations, password protection, role-based access controls, and more.

Enforce Your Own Policies

Don’t want users to share content outside of your organization? Or make videos available for anonymous access? Enforce such policies for the entire organizarion or for certain departments. Restrict downloading entirely, set a default publishing setting, set a custom video retention period, login time-out and more.


Obtain Agreement For Your Organization’s Policies

Populate your own terms of use and privacy policy that users need to agree to, before accessing your video portal. If you are in the EU, you can make it mandatory for your users to agree to your Data Processing Agreement (DPA) as soon as they land onto the web application.

Covering a Broad Range of Compliance Certifications

By inheriting all applicable compliance and certifications offered by major cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure (Government and Commercial), AWS (Government and Commercial), VIDIZMO helps you fulfill a broad range of compliance certifications.

  • Global compliance – SOC 1, 2 and 3, ISO 27001, CSA STAR, CIS, CSA etc.
  • Government compliance – FedRAMP, CJIS, DOD, ITAR, FERPA, FIPS, FISMA etc.
  • Industry compliance – HIPAA, SOX, CDSA, FFIEC, FINRA etc.
  • Regional compliance – GDPR, DJCP, ENISA IAF, PASF, C5, FISC, IRAP etc
Covering a Broad Range of Compliance Certifications

Key Information Governance Features

Audit Logs

Audit Logs

Get detailed logs for all actions performed on the portal and a chronological record for each video file


Access Management

Restrict unauthorized access by defining for each video file as to which users or groups can access them

Role-Based Access Control

Role Based Access Controls

Assign permissions to users by selecting from one of the 6 pre-defined roles or request custom roles by contacting our support team

Independent Security Policies

Custom Security Policies

Define policies for the entire organization or select departments, such as restricting anonymous access, restricting external sharing, blocking downloads and the ability to delegate access

Content Segregation

Content Segregation

Create separate portals for separate departments, which makes it impossible for users of one department to access data of the other


Custom Privacy Policy

Populate your own privacy policy that users need to agree to before using the video portal

Content Organization

Custom Terms of Use

Populate your own terms of use that users need to agree to before using the video portal

Anonymous User Policy

Determine whether anonymous users can download videos, embed media, add comments or not

Block Downloads

Restrict end users from downloading and making copies of media files

Set Video Availability (Set Expiry)

For each video, set an expiry date and time after which it will no longer be accessible

Custom Video Retention

Set up the number of days you’d want content to stay in the recycle bin before its permanently purged out of the system

Limited Sharing

Share videos with people inside or outside your organization such that they have access to limited views or duration. External viewers would need to authenticate temporarily through an email

Location and Domain Restrictions

Restrict viewers from select geographical locations or restrict embedding of your videos on select domains


Videos are encrypted at rest and in transit using AES and TLS encryption

Custom Login Timeout

Set a time period after which users are automatically logged out of the system

Centralized Identity Management

Integrate with your organization’s SSO to ensure centralized identity and access management


Report a Video

For every video, users can report and submit requests to the portal’s administrators


Data Subject Rights

Users can export their personal data that is saved in the system and can also request erasure of their data, where they’ll be deleted from the system

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