Video Editing

Create more interactive and refined videos with only relevant parts and interactivity elements

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Remove the Unnecessary Bits

Remove parts of your videos that are not needed so that any awkward pauses or confidential information is not retained. Do this with ease while retaining accuracy in voice and video synchronization.


Shorter the Better!

Slice your videos into multiple short clips that can be bunched together in a playlist if they are discussing relevant sub-topics.

Thumbnail of Your Liking

Capture a thumbnail directly from your video or upload an entirely new eye-catchy thumbnail of your choice!


In-Video Interactivity Garners Higher Engagement

Liven up your videos by engaging your audience through these interactive elements:

  • Attach quizzes to test learner comprehension
  • take feedback from viewers through surveys
  • attach handouts as supplementary information
  • convert leads through HubSpot or custom integrated forms from any CRM or survey platform

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Error-Free Auto-Generated Transcript

Swiftly edit your machine-generate transcriptions in seconds to make them 100% error-free.


Key Video Editing Capabilities



Trim away any unnecessary part of your videos


Split your video into multiple parts to separate different topics or to create small learning bites


Custom Thumbnail

Choose a thumbnail right from your video or upload an entirely new thumbnail.


Add Interactive Elements in Videos

Add quizzes, handouts, surveys, and forms in your videos to make them interactive tools


Edit Closed Captions

Remove any errors from your closed captions, be it auto-generated or manual

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VIDIZMO Offers an End-To-End Enterprise Video Platform with Multiple Features

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