Video Finder Search and Discovery

Eliminate the silos and save your time by speedily finding videos using VIDIZMO’s AI-Powered Multifaceted Search!

Quickly Find your Videos Across the Platform

Title and video descriptions are just not enough for finding the right video. Sift through thousands of your videos to find the right one in an instant through our powerful search capabilities:

Automatic Indexing for Quick Search

On top of manually assigned tags, support quick video discoverability through relevant AI-powered auto-generated tags.

Make Your Search Relevant

Enhance searchability by going one step ahead of standard attributes (like title & description) and system-defined attributes (like bitrate) by assigning relevant user-defined custom attributes to videos (Lecture ID, SKU Number, or any other of choice).

Get Organized!

Organized content allows for swift video discovery. Neatly organize videos under different categories and sub-categories to make them easier to find.


Find & Jump to the Exact Time Stamp Within Your Videos

Be it words or faces or objects – you name it, we can find it! All such content in your videos is searchable, and results are displayed with the exact time stamp for your ease of viewing.

Every Spoken Word is Searchable

Words spoken in your videos are automatically indexed to allow you to search like you would search up a title!

Even your On-Screen Text is Searchable

If a word appears in your video, then rest assured that it can be searched. On-screen text like road signs and license plates are indexed to be made searchable.

Faces? Objects? Use It All to Find Your Video!

Faces and objects are indexable and can be used for enhanced searchability.

Search Queries in Your Language of Choice

Search videos instantly in 52 languages on VIDIZMO by automatically indexing all your translated video transcripts and caption files into searchable keywords!


Key Search and Discovery Capabilities


Metadata Search

Videos can be searched based on system-defined metadata (title, author name, description, etc.), AI-generated metadata or custom metadata


Custom Attributes

Assign user-defined custom attributes (e.g., Lecture ID, SKU Number, or any other of choice) to your videos for more relevant filtering criteria


Filtered Search

Narrow down your search results by selecting filters created through system-generated standard attributes and user-defined custom attributes


Federated Search

Connect VIDIZMO’s powerful video finding capabilities with your integrated applications like CMS, LMS, etc. and API support to connect with other systems of choice to help users find videos right where they need it


Automatically Generated Tags

VIDIZMO can automatically identify and index various relevant tags linked to your videos, and these tags are automatically translated into multiple languages


Category Creation

Distribute your videos into various relevant categories and sub-categories for faster discovery


Automatic Speech Recognition

“Automatic Speech Recognition” (ASR) capability for machine transcription in 52 languages makes words in your videos searchable, and results are displayed with the exact time stamp where they appear


Optical Character Recognition

“Optical Character Recognition” OCR is an AI-powered feature that allows you to index and search any on-screen text – scanned documents, license plates, road signs, and much more


Search for Faces

Leverage face recognition capabilities to search within videos for specific people like an instructor or an employee


Search for Objects

Utilize artificial intelligence to detect and classify objects like buildings or a signboard. All objects will hence be searchable


Searchable Annotations

The annotations added by viewers on videos are searchable; through VIDIZMO’s media library, you can jump to the exact time stamp they are added at


Content Recommendation

Discover relevant content through related media section while watching a video and organically find videos on Home Page through featured videos and categories, most recent media, and most popular media

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