Expedite Redaction of All Your Video & Audio Content

Save time by intelligently detecting and redacting faces, objects, spoken words, and on-screen text to meet critical compliances like GDPR & HIPAA.

Secure Enterprise Video Platform with an In-Built Redaction Tool

Are you forced to transfer videos from your video platform to a stand-alone expensive redaction tool to meet your compliance needs?

Avail a built-in redaction tool as an add-on in VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube. This enterprise video platform allows you to securely stream and manage your live and on-demand videos in a compliant environment. And benefit from accelerated redaction using the AI-powered face, object and on-screen text detection capabilities.

Secure Enterprise Video Platform with an In-Built Redaction Tool

GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA – Fulfill All Critical Data Privacy Compliances

Redact personally identifiable information to securely share your videos with the data subjects when they avail their right to access given through regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). On top of it, benefit from a video platform that is compliant with all major regulations.

Manual Redaction is a Hassle You Must Avoid

Ever tried manually finding, selecting and blurring out the faces in a video? Then you must be aware of the time and energy it takes. There is absolutely no reason why this process should not be automated. That is precisely what VIDIZMO allows you to do through its automatic detection and tracking capabilities.
Manual Redaction is a Hassle You Must Avoid
Automatically Detect Faces, Objects, and On-Screen Text

Automatically Detect Faces, Objects, and On-Screen Text

Powered by artificial intelligence, VIDIZMO can automatically detect and redact faces, objects, and on-screen text. You can even mute or beep audio segments, blur or crop out images, and hide text from your automatically generated transcripts.

Key Redaction Capabilities


Automatic Face Detection

AI-powered facial detection allows you to quickly detect and redact faces.


Automatic Object Detection

You can even detect objects like vehicles or buildings and redact if need be.


Optical Character Recognition

Another AI-powered capability that supports automatic detection of on-screen text like a license plate or a billboard.


Track and Custom Select

Track a face or object throughout the video to redact it accurately. The preview pane also allows you to custom select any other part for redaction.


Redaction Styles

Protect identities by pixelating, blurring, or adding a black box.



Unwanted parts can entirely be edited out of a video through the clipping capabilities.

Can I save a redacted version of a video as a new file and retain the original?

Yes, VIDIZMO allows you to choose to create a new file after redaction or overwrite the original, whichever is preferable. 

Can I just redact faces or the entire body of a person?

In VIDIZMO, you can choose to redact a person’s face or the entire body, whichever is preferable. 

If the AI detects 1 person as two separate persons, what do I do then?

It’s natural for one person to be detected as two separate people if they appear different at different parts of the video. VIDIZMO offers a functionality to merge two or three detected people into one person, which makes it simpler for naming. 

Does VIDIZMO offer manual redaction or automatic redaction?

VIDIZMO offers both. To save time, AI-assisted redaction can be used where you can specify a start and end time and all detected faces will be redacted within. You can also use VIDIZMO to manually draw and blur relevant parts if need be.  

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