An Enterprise Video Portal For Your Employees or the Public

Out-of-the-box branded YouTube-like video portal to stream live and on-demand videos to your internal or external audiences

All Your Videos in One Simple YouTube-Like Portal

Through VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube, you create a centralized YouTube-like portal for the entire organization or separate departments, to access all your organization’s video assets, organized and readily available for on-demand viewing on any device.

The Familiar YouTube-like portal makes it easy for your organization’s employees to access video content. This way, you can increase consumption for video content and harness its potential. 

A screenshot of VIDIZMO YouTube-like Portal

What is a Video Portal?

A video portal is a place where you can access your video content separately, not lost along with other file types such as PDFs, documents, presentations etc. It’s the familiar YouTube-like interface where you can watch videos, search for them and get recommendations based on what you are viewing.

A video of a woman playing in two different screen sizes.

Video Playback Optimized for Every Screen. And Bandwidth

Ensure smooth playback by users on any device and under all bandwidth conditions through CDNs, transcoding and adaptive bitrate streaming.

Deliver A Flawless Playback Experience

A rich and customizable HTML5 video player that is supported on nearly all devices and includes closed captions, keyboard shortcuts, editable transcripts, and users can seek frame-by-frame, and add annotations. The player can be customized in terms of the options that appear and its look and feel.

A video portal showing playback in high quality.
Video portal with in different brand colors

It’s Your Video Portal – Let if Reflect Your Brand

Rebrand the entire video portal to reflect your brand identity, by hosting it on your domain, including your logo, colors, background and customizing the layout to your preferences.

Keep Videos Private or Public, or Define Access on User and Group Level

Whether it’s an anonymous user or a logged-in user, your video portal will only display the videos that they are allowed to access. You can define access for each video and choose to make them accessible for anonymous viewing, or to internal logged-in users only, or select users or group of users.
A screenshot of video access settings in VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube
A screenshot of quizzes in VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube

It Isn’t Just One-Way Communication

Transform your passive viewers into a more engaged active audience, by adding interactive elements into your videos. Add quizzes, handouts, surveys, forms, annotations, comments and more to videos

A Video Portal Designed for Diverse Audiences

Leverage the power of AI to automatically generate closed captions to make your videos accessible, that too in around 39 languages with translations available in over 52 languages. Or transcribe a multilingual video having 4 spoken languages with support for 22 languages in total. Additionally, you can browse the video portal and search in more than 40 languages. 

A screenshot of transcriptions and closed caption in VIDIZMO portal

Highlighted Video Portal Capabilities

Brandable Portal

Brandable Portal

Host the video portal on your domain, customize the layout and navigation bar, use your colors and fonts and much more

Brandable Player

Brandable Player

Choose the options that appear on the video player (disable seeking, play/pause, playback speed options, etc.) and also modify the look and feel of the player



Transcode videos into multiple formats to ensure smooth playback on varying devices and bandwidth conditions



Add quizzes, forms, surveys, annotations and handouts to video

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Autogenerate closed captions & transcribe videos in 39 languages or transcribe multilingual content having up to 4 spoken languages out of the 22 supported languages, and have these transcripts translated in around 52 languages


Get detailed analytics on content engagement and performance, and integrate with Google Analytics and Woopra as well

Desktop Application

Desktop Application

Eliminate browser dependencies and enable offline viewing for on-demand video content

SSO Integration

SSO Integration

Define access and permissions based on users or groups that are automatically synced with your SSO

Sharing and Access Management

Sharing and Access Management

Define who can access or view your videos, and what they can do once they have access



Create multiple autonomous portals or sub-portals for separate departments, and for each of these you can have distinct branding, integrations, billing and more

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