Content Management with Webhook Apps

Handle changes with a structured approach and stay updated with any modifications in aspect to your content to manage flexible adjustments in your portal.

Receive Automated Notifications

Tired of keeping track of events in your app? Connect with VIDIZMO’s Webhook application that pushes messages or information to other apps and keeps you notified about certain events.

All you must do is subscribe to certain events, set up some applications, authentication, and specific advanced settings and you are ready to test out the webhook feature.

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Immediate Control Over Changes in Your Apps

Want to maintain records of actions in your Enterprise video content management system?

Published video, posted comments, updated access rights, category added, deleted audio, downloaded image, clipped media, live chat notifications and many more. Stay informed of all kinds of workflows and moderate content before it goes live on your portal.

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Easy Tracking of Triggered Events

Quick access to webhook logs guides you about the status of every triggered event. This records all successful and unsuccessful actions and allows you to filter these actions based on different parameters available.

You can also download this report and keep track of every detail.

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Key Webhook Capabilities

Transcription and Translation

Email Notifications

Extract key data about any changes in the portal and push this type of information in form of messages to keep you updated about any adjustments.


Moderate Content

Get notified about every content (Media, comment) being published on your portal and moderate it before it gets posted.


Track all Actions.

Keep a record of detailed triggered events with webhook logs and download these reports both in CSV and PDF format.


Maintain Workflow Records

Subscribe to various events taking place within VIDIZMO portal and stay updated through their status using workflows.


DEMS Features

EVCM Features