FedRAMP Compliant Video Streaming Platform

An end-to-end secure cloud platform providing FedRAMP compliant video streaming through partners, upon the request of the customer, on both high and moderate impact levels, best suited for government organizations

VIDIZMO + Project Hosts | FedRAMP Compliant Video Streaming Can Be Made Possible

Despite stringent security requirements, government agencies can benefit from our enterprise video platform to efficiently stream and manage all types of video content.

VIDIZMO EntepriseTube, upon the request of the customer, works with FedRAMP compliant partners to secure your government video data in Federal Private Cloud, ensuring cost-effective and hassle-free FedRAMP authorized cloud video streaming on both moderate and high impact levels.

Hosted in the reliable Microsoft Azure Gov Cloud platform, there is no doubt that your data will be continuously assessed, monitored, and secured.

VIDIZMO + Project Hosts FedRAMP Compliant Video Streaming Made Possible (2)

VIDIZMO is Trusted by Multiple Government Agencies


VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube | Cloud Video Platform for All Government Video Needs

Here is a Gartner-recognized secure enterprise video platform for end-to-end video use cases allowing you to centrally manage your content in an organized YouTube-like video library.

The cloud video platform provides multitudes of security features, user groups and autonomous portals for content segregation, AI-powered search capabilities, limited sharing functionality for secure external viewing and much more in an environment that fulfils a great number of legal compliance requirements out-of-the–box, and as per the customer’s request can also comply with FedRAMP through partners on moderate and high impact levels.

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube Cloud Video Platform for All Government Video Needs
Security Your Top Priority Ours Too (2)

Security Your Top Priority? Ours Too

Designed with a security-first approach, VIDIZMO provides all critical video security features, including:

  • SSO integration with 25+ identity providers
  • SCIM support for automatically provisioning and synchronizing user identity information
  • Role-Based Access Controls to limit the video actions different user roles may perform
  • User groups and multiple autonomous video portals for content segregation
  • End-to-end encryption and DRM support
  • IP, domain and location restriction

Govern Your Video Data On Your Own Terms

There are a variety of data regulatory compliances with requirements specifically for how video data needs to be protected. Ensure continuous data governance and protection through a variety of capabilities offered by VIDIZMO, like:

  • Readily accessible audit logs
  • Custom security policies
  • Anonymous user policy
  • Custom retention period
  • Option to store and host your videos in the region and datacentrer of your choice
Multilingual Translation and Transcription

Highlighted Capabilities

Role-Based Access Control

Role-based Access Controls

Control user actions by assigning them one of the 6 pre-defined user roles or creating a custom role for unique requirements.
Content Segregation

Content Segregation

Create user groups or multiple autonomous video portals with separate security policies. Share videos within these for restricted viewing by limited internal viewers.
SSO Integration

SSO and IAM Integration

Authenticate users and benefit from SCIM support by integrating your identity provider with VIDIZMO to enable single sign-on.
AI-Powered Search

Limited Sharing

Share videos through tokenized URLs with a limited number of views, setting a limited time of availability, and expiring the shared link when needed.
Separate Audit Logs

Audit Logs

Readily available logs of all the activity performed by each user along with IP address and time stamp.
Independent Security Policies

Custom Security Policies

Set custom policy for each autonomous video portal. Hence, it is possible to have varying access controls and restrict video download, sharing or other actions in different portals.
Audit Logs

Block Downloads

It is possible to block downloads for all or some videos.

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