Live Video Webcasting Solution for Event Management

Increase the reach of your events by scaling and broadcasting your live events with low latency streaming through widespread CDN

Designed for Various Event Management Use Cases



Avoid capacity constraints in your conventions with live and on-demand video streaming and get your message across to an unlimited number of people around the world.


Product Launch

Invite your prospective customers and stakeholders, and achieve higher attendance for your product launch by using a live video webcasting solution that allows you to make waves and, in turn, generate leads.



Use live and on-demand video streaming to broadcast your onsite conference and enable access from any device and any browser for an unlimited number of viewers worldwide.


Trade Shows

Organize virtual trade shows with live and on-demand video streaming to showcase your products and services and generate business through any global customer or partner.



Make your event a resounding success even without the physical presence of a crowd. Courtesy of live and on-demand video streaming, you can broadcast your entertainment event to millions of virtual attendees across the globe.

Your Event, Your Branding

Customize your video platform in accordance with your
corporate guidelines to represent your brand:


  • Fully customize the look and feel
  • White-label the application in its entirety
  • Customize controls of the video player
  • Use custom CSS to represent your brand
Custom Branding with Enterprise Video Platform

Track and Monitor the Quality of the Live Stream Experience

Monitor your live stream quality on a data visualization dashboard to quickly identify and address any problems. Additionally, access detailed user-level data analytics in order to analyze the quality of experience on a collective and individual basis with statistics like drop-off rates, attendance and more. Use these insights to improve your future live event webcasts in terms of the content, as well as streaming quality.

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