Mobile Video App Customization

Tailoring VIDIZMO iOS and Android mobile application for your company’s live and on-demand video content capturing, streaming, playback, management, and sharing.

VIDIZMO Mobile Video Platform for Android and iOS

VIDIZMO enterprise video streaming and content management capabilities are available through a mobile application for iOS and Android devices. The application enables:


  • A simple and interactive user interface with touchscreen-friendly navigation
  • Live & on-demand video streaming optimized for all devices, browsers and players
  • Quick video capture and upload directly from your mobile device
  • Digital media support and management for images, graphics, documents, etc.
  • Download and store content on your mobile device for offline viewing
  • Authenticated single sign-on access, and role-based access controls and permissions
  • Internal and external stakeholder access
  • Multi-device accessibility to enable BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) organizational culture

Customized User Interface

Leverage mobile app customization to completely white label your application – everything from user interface themes and icons to logos and overall platform branding and appearance. Choose from our pre-designed WordPress-like UI templates or create your own to meet specific business requirements.

Custom User Journey and Navigation

Customize and control video platform workflows to optimize user journey or alter the flow of user experience according to your organizational mobile video needs. With this, we provide you the flexibility to tailor platform navigation, from the point a user logs into the application to log out.


Multilingual Mobile Video Platform

Customize your mobile video application for a multilingual functionality and interface for everything, from page layout to responsiveness. For effortless multilingual navigation, we provide a seamless, quickly adaptable interface for your global audience.

User Roles

Define your access controls so that each user is provided a set of user rights and permissions for the actions they can or cannot perform within the mobile video platform. Grant users the rights to capture and upload videos directly from their mobile devices, while others can moderate the uploaded content, edit video or video transcripts, etc.


Custom Player

Customize and brand your mobile video player as per your company’s branding guidelines through mobile app customization. With minor configurations, you can change everything from the player theme to icon positioning and sizes, to adding new icons/logos – all in line with your company’s branding requirements.

VIDIZMO Video Offering

VIDIZMO offers end-to-end video streaming and content management solutions to provide high-quality enterprise video experiences to internal and external users across enterprises.


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