A multipurpose tool allowing you to illustrate, sync and adjust playback of digital evidence via split screens.

Split Screens in a Multi View Stream to Simultaneously View Evidence Recordings 

VIDIZMO’s Multi View Stream Video Mosaic Tool aims at giving law enforcement officers a working space to simultaneously stream and analyze video evidence ingested from multiple sources. 

Upload: Drop media and start working instantly! 

Auto Tile: Arrange players on the canvas in a pre-defined layout!  

Sync: Watch a specific moment in time from multiple angles 

Snap: Automatically snap your player to the edges of canvas and with other players 

Resize: Change the size of player by dragging its corners at any point of editing 

Position Switch: Switch the position of overlapping players. 

Lock: Lock the player and its tracks after adjusting the size and position 

Audio Adjust: Play multiple, mute audios, switch tracks and add more  

Undo & Redo: Rewind back from any mistake you did or redo it to see it again! 

Publish: Get to control multiple aspects prior publishing media 

Analyze Digital Evidence Better With The Video Mosaic Tool In DEMS!

It is a duty upon law enforcement to analyze digital evidence to the furthest extent, to better analyze crime scenes and prevent disambiguation. Multiple evidence recordings may need to be synced and streamed together to get a keen look at incidents.  

With the video mosaic tool, we analyze videos recorded from multiple sources and taken at multiple angles. This can be CCTV footage of a particular area or body cam footage from different officers. Using Mosaic, the user can create a multi view stream by simultaneously using split screens to better assess criminal activity. 

Just Drag And Drop Media Into The Mosaic! 

For any media in the studio space, enable mosaic and simply drag and drop media that has been uploaded to the system by looking up its title. Once you find the desired video, click on it to automatically place its player into the video mosaic tool. 

Place The Players As You Please In The Video Mosaic Tool! 

Snap the player next to the grid or another player in studio space, auto tile them in a predefined layout. Place them around anywhere in the studio, with full liberty to resize players to best suit your needs. And once you get them where you want them to be, lock their positions in the studio – all possible with VIDIZMO’s Video Mosaic Tool!  

Stay On Track With Full Control On Tracks!

Got four CCTV footages of the same incident? Want to view them simultaneously? Want to sync them to  show the same interval of time simultaneously? Don’t worry, we got you covered! 

The Multi View Stream Video Mosaic tool allows you to adjust and sync tracks on the timeline to assist you in better analysis of video evidence. And just like players, you can lock and unlock tracks for further ease at working. 

Put Priority On What’s Important By Switching Player Positions!

VIDIZMO’s Video Mosaic not only let’s place and snap players next to each other but also lets you overlap them over one another. This is further customizable by choosing which player appears on top of the others using four different options: 

  • Bring Forward 
  • Send Backward 
  • Bring To Front 
  • Send To Back 


A Step Ahead in Helping Organizations Meet Compliance Requirements

Add In New Audio Or Mute Out The Old! 

Want to mute out that confidential conversation? Or lower the volume on that trucker’s horn in the dash cam recording?  

The Video Mosaic tool is not video exclusive, with the timeline allowing you to place (and replace) audio tracks as well. 

You can mute a segment of audio, override it with a new track, play multiple audios together. Moreover, you can adjust the volume for each track at a selected timestamp.  

With Every Editor Comes Its Undoing! 

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings.

You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Optional Add-On With VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System
A Step Ahead in Helping Organizations Meet Compliance Requirements


All Set And Ready To Publish! 

Drop in a title, pick out a category, check in on what cases you want you mosaic to drop in, choose a rendition for the source you’ll be providing for transcoding and last, choose an output quality for the final product. 

That’s all you need to specify to publish your multi view stream mosaic to view it from your portal! 

Highlighted Video Mosaic Tool Capabilities

Transcription and Translation

Drag & Drop Upload

Drag from the Mosaic Library on the left and place it in your canvas. Easy! 


Auto Tile Player

Let your player(s) set into a predefined layout. 


Snap Player

Snap a player with respect to a defined grid on your canvas, or another player. 


Resize Player

Grab any of the edges of your player to resize it on your canvas. 

Transcription and Translation

Switch Player Position

Choose which of your players to bring forward and which to send back in your canvas. 


Lock Player

Lock a player into its position on the canvas. 


Lock Track

Pin down a track by locking it on the timeline. 


Sync Track

Sync multiple tracks to simultaneously stream elements from multiple players. 

Transcription and Translation

Undo & Redo

Go back on any action done or redo if undone by  accident.


Publishing Options

Get to choose from multiple settings for parameters before publishing.

VIDIZMO Offers a Complete Digital Evidence Management System

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Does VIDIZMO Multi View Stream allow us to view multiple live streams?

No ,VIDIZMO Multi View Stream allows the user to create a mosaic of existing, on-demand content available in the portal for ease of analysis.


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