On-Premise Live and On-demand Video Platform

Stream live and on-demand video behind the firewall securely while maintaining complete control of your sensitive data.

Strict Security Without Compromising on Any Video Streaming Requirements

Working with tonnes of videos while operating in a highly regulated industry? Struggling to manage them all securely? Can’t have your sensitive data accessed even by vendors? We understand that you might want to keep videos restricted to your premises, but that doesn’t mean losing out on critical video streaming capabilities.

VIDIZMO offers complete video content management capabilities to have your videos seamlessly transcoded, securely shared, restricted for authorized viewing with access controls in place, and transcribed with translation for availability in multiple languages. All while staying behind your firewall.

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Centralize Identity and Access Management

Easy to Install – You Can Even Do It Yourself!

Install VIDIZMO on your existing virtual machines on-premise quickly and easily.

Want to deploy VIDIZMO yourself or need our help? Based on your internal security policies, you can choose either. We have got detailed documentation to guide you through the deployment. And you can take help from our team at any point during the process.

In-House Streaming – No Internet Required

On-premise deployment allows you to benefit from your private WAN connection to private datacenters. Avoid bandwidth constraints and ensure smooth network accessibility for consistent video streaming and secure video delivery.
In-House Streaming – No Internet Required
Covering a Broad Range of Compliance Certifications

eCDN for Smooth Content Delivery

Configure your existing on-premise servers as VIDIMZO Edge Nodes to set up an enterprise content delivery network at your different office locations. Cache videos and serve them to viewers from the edge server closest to their location for reduced load time and optimized buffering-free viewing experience.

Air-Tight Security Behind Company’s Firewall

Securely retain and protect your videos by storing and hosting them on-premise behind your firewall. Authenticate users by integrating with 25+ SSO providers and utilizing SCIM support to use your existing company directory for user and group provisioning and synchronization. A variety of other powerful security features are at your disposal, including encryption, role-based access controls, user groups for content segregation, IP restriction, and much more.

Why Azure

Ensure Control and Data Visibility

Retaining all your sensitive videos and related data on-premise allows you to entirely control the application’s deployment, updates, and management. Your enterprise IT can manage your streaming infrastructure while ensuring it is not accessed by any unauthorized individual.

LA County Uses VIDIZMO for On-Premise Video Streaming & Management with Their IT Team Maintaining Complete Control

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Host Videos in Your Datacenters – Minimize Migration Cost

Hosting your videos and data in your datacenters allows you to transfer it at a much faster pace over your company’s intranet. Above all else, you will incur a much lower data migration expenditure.

VIDIZMO Professional Services | Customized Video Solution

Utilize a range of possible feature enhancements and configurations for your application and system on-premise by contacting the VIDIZMO professional services team.


No Need to Pick Between On-Premise or Cloud – Go Hybrid!

Host some content in the cloud while all the other sensitive content can be retained on-premise. Hybrid deployment allows you to have the best of both worlds. You can benefit from the robust security and control that on-premise deployment offers, alongside benefiting from the higher scalability, automated video workflows assisted by artificial intelligence and reduced investment that the cloud offers.

Unprecedented External Connection Required? We Can Make That Happen

Want to live stream with external stakeholders? Or temporarily share videos with your employees working from home? Need to connect with a supplier residing on the other end of the globe? Just simply open a port by contacting VIDIZMO team for any such exceptional circumstances.

Different Use Cases Require Autonomous Management

Highlighted Features



Utilize your edge servers deployed at different locations worldwide to cache content. Intelligently stream videos to users from the server closest to their location.



Create multiple autonomous video portals with separate billing, unique branding, and independent administrative and security policies for your different business units.

Transcription and Translation

AI Transcription & Translation

Automatic machine-generated transcription and its translation in multiple languages is available for all your videos on-premise. Transcripts can be manually added and edited as well to make corrections.


High Availability Servers

Deploy VIDIZMO on multiple servers on-premise to ensure virtually 100% uptime by avoiding service outages and interruptions.

Role-Based Access Control

Role-Based Access Controls

Assign your users roles with pre-defined permissions to restrict their actions linked to videos like sharing, downloading, etc.

Content Segregation

Content Segregation

Create user groups to segregate and share relevant videos with relevant teams.

Audit Logs

Audit Logs

Maintain detailed audit logs to monitor user activities performed on video portals to know exactly what actions were taken when and by which user along with their IP addresses.

AI-Powered Search


Quickly redact faces, objects, audio, and words with the help of AI-powered automatic facial recognition, object selection, and on-screen text detection through OCR.

Video On-Demand

Video Conferencing Integration

Integrate video conferencing solutions (Zoom and Blue Jeans) to auto-ingest your recorded meetings and securely share and manage them with your team.


Other Integrations

Connect your application with different business and IT applications like SharePoint, SSO and IAM system.

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