VIDIZMO Joins AWS Public Sector Program to Provide Video Streaming and Evidence Management Solutions

A Secure YouTube-like Web Application to Stream Videos on AWS
TYSONS, Va., March 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — VIDIZMO, has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Sector Program (PSP) to provide its video content management and digital evidence management systems to government, space, education, and nonprofits around the world.Already a validated solution and available in AWS Marketplace, VIDIZMO helps enterprises and government organizations around the world to stream and manage large amounts of video data in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), through its no-code web application.Beyond streaming, VIDIZMO also provides a range of features to solve multiple video challenges such as:
  • A YouTube-like portal for users to access content
  • Video indexing for spoken words, faces, objects, and more
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) generated transcriptions and their translations in 52 languages
  • Video access management (defining who gets to access a video and who doesn’t)
  • Integrations (CMS, RMS, body-worn cameras, CCTV, MS Teams, Zoom, IAM systems, etc.)
  • Live and on-demand streaming with interactivity
  • And additional features

To achieve this, VIDIZMO uses AWS services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), AWS Elemental, Amazon CloudFront, AWS Rekognition, and AWS Transcribe.

“To simplify things, VIDIZMO offers organizations a secure no-code YouTube-like web application for their video content,” said Nadeem Khan, Chief Executive Officer at VIDIZMO. But, why would they need one in the first place?”

“Well, video data is different and requires specialized processing. Without a platform like VIDIZMO, videos stored in Amazon S3 would be either managed through a simple front-end interface or a content management system. In either case, for any regular user, finding, watching, and sharing a video would be anything but convenient.”

The Challenge – Accessing Video Data

Amazon S3 is an object storage service offering industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance.Organizations can use this service to store videos ranging anywhere from GBs to TBs. However, videos stored in Amazon S3 are not optimized for playback by default. Using a simple content management system doesn’t help either.Videos need to undergo certain processing such as compression, transcoding, and packaging to ensure playback on any device, browser, and under varying bandwidth conditions.Then comes the problem of video discovery. Finding that one video amongst thousands is a real productivity killer if you don’t have video indexing and powerful video search.All in all, the current methods of accessing video data hinder consumption of content across the organization and knowledge-sharing becomes limited. Moreover, from an admin perspective, these methods are inefficient when managing large amounts of data and ensuring its governance.

How a Video Content Management System Helps?

To solve the problems mentioned above, organizations have two options. The first option is to build their own platform. Or they could opt for a video content management system like VIDIZMO that runs on Amazon S3.

With 20 years of experience in the video industry, VIDIZMO has developed a modern video content management system with a range of features keeping multiple video challenges in mind.

“We are constantly studying the market and improving our platform to provide the best video experience to our customers,” said Shahan Zafar, Product Marketing Manager at VIDIZMO. “A recent example is the launch of version 2 of our AI-based redaction add-on, which goes one step ahead in helping organizations protect personal information as they manage and share their video content.”

Redaction is just one feature, and in fact, VIDIZMO’s video content management system is packed with hundreds of features, carefully designed to solve video streaming challenges of an organization, especially with regards to data security and governance.

It can be deployed on AWS, where the application runs on Amazon EC2, connects with your Amazon S3 storage, and uses a range of services such as AWS Elemental for processing, Amazon CloudFront for delivery, AWS Rekognition for video indexing and AWS Transcribe to generate closed captions.

Prior to being part of the AWS PSP Program, VIDIZMO has been validated through the AWS Well-Architecture Review (WAR) and AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR), ensuring the software meets the best practices established by AWS.

In summary, organizations get a private YouTube-like portal, which is convenient yet secure. All of this helps in information sharing, improves productivity, and helps keep video data secure and compliant.

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A Digital Evidence Management System – A Specialized Platform for the Public Sector

Keeping in mind the ever-increasing amounts of digital evidence that is managed by public sector agencies, VIDIZMO also provides a Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) that runs on AWS.

It provides an application that helps agencies securely manage, share, and collaborate on digital evidence (audio, video, images) stored on Amazon S3, maintain a chain of custody, redact PII, use AI-powered search, and more.

The DEMS system also integrates with the organization’s CMS or RMS, and can ingest evidence from body-worn cameras, CCTV, dashcams, and centrally store them on Amazon S3.

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VIDIZMO provides secure enterprise video content management, video training and digital evidence management systems to Fortune 500 companies, law enforcement and government organizations around the world. The company has had around 20 years of experience within this domain.

If you’re interested in learning how VIDIZMO’s solutions can help in your unique video use case, feel free to contact their team, which would be happy to assist.

If you’re an AWS account manager, feel free to engage with VIDIZMO’s partnership team to discuss your accounts’ unique challenges.

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