VIDIZMO Offers Microsoft Teams Integration to Efficiently Manage Meeting Recordings

Use VIDIZMO to create a centralized on-demand YouTube-like video library for intelligent management and secure sharing of Teams recordings

TYSONS, Va., Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube, an enterprise video platform, has released its integration with Microsoft Teams, a leader in Unified Communications. Integrating Teams with VIDIZMO will allow organizations to have all of their meeting recordings neatly organized in a YouTube-like on-demand video library where they can benefit from automated video management capabilities and improved playback, including:

  • Automatic transcoding for optimal playback
  • Machine-generated transcripts and translation of these transcriptions in 50+ languages
  • AI-powered platform-wide & in-video search
  • Secure internal or external Sharing
  • Detailed video analytics
  • In-video interactivity features such as quizzes, comments, annotations, etc.
  • Video embedding
  • AI-assisted video redaction
  • Integrations with other IT systems and API
    And much more.

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Online Meetings on The Rise

Remote work was already on the rise prior to the pandemic, with a 400% increase in the last decade. The pandemic added more fuel to the fire with the social distancing measures in place. Global Workplace Analytics predicts that even post-pandemic, 25 to 30% of the workforce worldwide will work remotely at least one or more days a week.

As one of the leading video conferencing platforms, Microsoft Teams helped the dispersed workforce connect, communicate, and collaborate virtually through online meetings. Organizations also started to opt for recording their online meetings for future reference, supporting employees in different time zones, and removing the need for redundant meetings.

Challenges of Managing Recorded Teams Meetings

Recording work meetings indeed provides many benefits. However, Microsoft Teams stores its videos on SharePoint and OneDrive. These platforms were not designed for to handle videos which can result in organizations struggling to manage these recordings.

After all, managing hundreds of thousands of meeting recordings would mean you would need to ensure that they are securely shareable, accurately searchable, and organized neatly. Not only that, you will be losing out on a variety of other critical video capabilities

VIDIZMO + Microsoft Teams: How It Works?

Users can simply pre-define a watch folder in SharePoint or their OneDrive where their meeting recordings are stored. Once synced, all the recordings stored in this folder will be automatically ingested in their personal library on VIDZMO. Trim them down to remove unnecessary bits or clip them to create shorter videos. Be sure to categorize these, arrange them in appropriate playlists, and feature the key videos on the home page.

Define who can access which recordings. Feel free to restrict the recordings to certain users, specific groups, the entire organization or open to the public. Assign users one of the six pre-defined roles (or create a custom role) to limit their capabilities like downloading or sharing. Admins can also put in place a custom security policy to limit the actions performed on the video portal.

Users can make the recordings more engaging by adding in-video interactive elements like quizzes, handouts, surveys and forms. They can track the assessment reports as well as the detailed video analytics summarized visually in the form of various dashboards.

There are various ways of securing videos, including SSO integration, end-to-end encryption, password-protection, role-based access controls, content segregation through various user groups, DRM support, IP restriction and location restriction.

Users can securely share recordings internally or externally through multiple expirable links with password protection. Or guest share by providing external users a temporary authenticated portal access allowing only a certain number of views and limiting the time duration of availability.

VIDIZMO will also help admins define policies and meet all the video-related compliance requirements through various features like audit logs to monitor user activity, automated redaction through facial and object recognition, anonymous user policy, and custom retention period.

Beyond security, organizations can benefit from various smart search capabilities. Automatically transcribe recordings in 12+ languages and translate them into 50+ languages. Users can even manually upload transcription files. These are used to automatically assign multi-lingual tags to your videos for improved search. AI-powered capabilities of VIDIZMO allow users to search inside videos for spoken words, on-screen text, faces and objects.

The best part is that CDN support, modern video streaming protocols like HLS and MPEG-DASH, and automatic transcoding allow recordings to be globally accessible on any device, browser, and in any bandwidth condition. Users can also embed the recordings onto their organization’s website or 3rd party applications like LMS.

“Collaboration between video conferencing platforms and enterprise video content management systems is the need of the hour for enterprises to manage a rapidly growing pile of meeting recordings,” said Nadeem Khan, CEO of VIDIZMO. “VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube can help enterprises better manage their recorded meetings, index them for improved search and discovery, allow users to securely share them, all through a simple YouTube-like portal.”

MS Teams integration is available as part of VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube packages deployable on-premise, in commercial or government clouds (Azure and AWS), as a hybrid solution or as a ready-made SaaS application. VIDIZMO also offers hosting for FedRAMP and other government compliances.


VIDIZMO is a Microsoft Gold partner company providing a secure enterprise video content management system to Fortune 500 companies and government organizations. The platform serves end-to-end enterprise video use cases like training & learning, marketing & sales, video archival, live events, etc. Use it to stream live and on-demand videos where you can centrally store and manage your recorded meetings alongside all your other videos. With 20 years in the video industry and customer-first philosophy, VIDIZMO truly helps fulfill all your enterprise video needs.


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