VIDIZMO’s Enterprise Video Platform Offers Advanced User Analytics to Measure Effectiveness of your Content

TYSONS, Va., Jan 02, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — VIDIZMO‘s advanced user analytics report dashboard delivers learner-focused analytics, identifying the interactive elements of your content that users participated in and analyzing the depth of their concepts through quiz and survey results, and certificates achieved.Adapting to a digital culture with online classes and work from home, it is easier for people to understand the latest content through digital technology. 80% of the participants in a Think with Google survey expressed that digital video helps them learn new things.

It is of utmost importance to keep track of who’s watching your videos. All effort is in vain if your expected audience is not viewing your content, such as training videos for internal employees of an organization, online lectures for students, internal meetings to discuss important decisions etc.

VIDIZMO offers user-specific data to showcase a dashboard of different interactivity stats for all the users in the VIDIZMO portal that includes:

  • Media file views and completions
  • Engagement trends and Content interactions
  • Quizzes and Surveys attempted.
  • Quiz and Survey Results
  • Course certificates rewarded.

Evaluate specific videos to examine the performance of each student and record their learning experience with ease. Produce detailed user insights explaining what videos were watched by which user, how much, and what was their understanding of the video generated through quizzes assigned to them. Track detailed statistics to analyze per user engagement through data like user media progress, impressions, views, completions, and interactions, with these user and video reports.

Moreover, you can record a range of interactive actions of users such as like, share, download, favorite and filter them further to view data related to a specific media.

To study the user journey more efficiently, you can view data both in graphs and tabular format. Examine them to evaluate the usefulness of your media, for example your training content, and determine the changes needed to make the content more valuable.

Furthermore, user-specific analytics can be used to supervise employees and make sure that they complete assigned quizzes and surveys and then reward them with course completion certificates as motivation for better performance.

VIDIZMO has primarily offered advanced user analytics in its product, EnterpriseTube, an enterprise video management system where you can manage digital content like videos, audios, images, and documents. It is a platform for live and on-demand video streaming both for internal and external audiences in a secure and compliant environment.

Now, it is simpler than ever to guarantee course completion, and hence reduce training cost, making it easier to assess performance to reward user accomplishment.


VIDIZMO provides secure enterprise video content management and digital evidence management systems to Fortune 500 companies and government organizations around the world. Packed with around 20 years of experience with everything video, VIDIZMO is also a Microsoft IP Co-sell Gold Partner and AWS Partner.

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Javeria Hasan
Product Marketing Analyst



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