Zoom Integration for Recording Management

Simplify management for your Zoom recordings with a secure video CMS to store, search, edit and share your recorded meetings.

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Extend the Value of Your Meetings with Zoom Integration

Automatically ingest your Zoom video conference recordings into a corporate video platform where you can easily manage them, make them searchable and securely share them with the right people, while automatically transcoding all recordings for optimal video streaming from any device and location.

VIDIZMO also provides features to edit recordings, control access for specific groups or individuals, view detailed analytics to see how people engage with the recorded meetings, transcribe the meetings for ADA and Section 508 compliance, and more.


Record, Store & Share Meetings Securely

Meetings tend to hold sensitive and confidential information meant only for the employees or specific individuals inside or outside of the organization.

With VIDIZMO enterprise video platform, you can secure your recordings, maintain confidentiality of your private meetings and ensure only authorized individuals can view or access a meeting with customizable security policies, role-based access control and password protection at platform and content level. You can also set retention and purge policies to control the availability of your meetings, and share a meeting for a limited amount of time or views.

A Complete Video CMS for Managing Your Zoom Recordings


Flexible Streaming

Share and stream a recording from any device or browser, from any location and under any network conditions.


Video Captions and Transcription

Increase accessibility and ensure ADA, Section 508 and other legal compliance through closed captioning and automatic transcription.


Detailed Analytics

Analyze the impact of a meeting through engagement trends such as number of views, rate of complete views and which part generates the most interest.


Unlimited Storage

Reduce pile ups and liberate storage in the Zoom cloud by transferring recordings to a secure video platform with scalable storage.

Quickly Find Meetings & Extract Valuable Insights

Trying to search a meeting from a huge list of recordings and having to watch the entire meeting to find the information you’re looking for can be very tedious and time-consuming.

With VIDIZMO’s powerful search, you can easily find and retrieve a meeting within seconds by searching for a written or spoken word in the recording. You can even generate automatic Zoom transcriptions, and search for words spoken or displayed in a meeting and instantly fast forward to where they occur in the meeting. You can also extract valuable insights such as the speakers, topics, sentiments and visuals in a recorded meeting through artificial intelligence and fast forward to where they occur in the meeting recording.


Edit Your Meeting Recordings to Make Them More Meaningful

It’s common for breaks, casual conversations and off-topic discussions to make their way into a meeting that can hinder employees looking for valuable or specific information.

VIDIZMO enterprise video platform allows you to edit Zoom recordings to trim and remove all the unwanted parts from a meeting. You can also add downloadable documents and annotations with valuable notes to give your employees a single, complete source of information that they need. You can even insert quizzes and surveys to obtain valuable feedback or combine related recordings to form a single video with all the relevant information.

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