Referral Partner & Agent Program

Earn commissions by bringing in new customers for VIDIZMO’s sales team as a refferral partner or agent

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Become a Referral Partner or Agent

As a VIDIZMO referral partner or agent, you generate qualified leads by leveraging your network to earn handsome commissions. Partners and agents also identify new opportunities within enterprise video content management and digital evidence management landscape and recommend VIDIZMO to their current and potential clients. Once introduced to the referral customer, VIDIZMO’s sales team takes over, engages the prospects and drives the deal to completion. The whole process is kept transparent and our partners are compensated as soon as the sale is made.

Why Partner with Us

  • Help your customers achieve enterprise video, training & learning, and digital evidence management objectives with a unified platform
  • Enable your customers to make better use of their existing business applications by integrating with VIDIZMO
  • Earn industry-competitive commissions

What We Expect From Partners

  • Track record of referral/co-marketing efforts and outcomes
  • Broad referral client base and active lead generation capabilities
  • Submitting deal registration to VIDIZMO sales team
  • Maintaining customer communication till deal closing

How to Partner With VIDIZMO

  • Sign up for Referral Partner & Agent Program and sign partnership agreements
  • Embed VIDIZMO sign up form on referral partner website
  • Submit referral customer deals of qualified customers to VIDIZMO
  • Ensure customer purchases solution within a specific timeframe of referral

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