Why video is the future of learning & development

Detailed guide on how to convince decision makers that video is the future of Learning & Development.

Executive Summary

Without an effective training program, a company can be subject to a great number of issues that directly affect employee performance. With growing challenges affecting employee engagement, unpredictable turnover, volatile cultural and learning style among employees; a burgeoning need to overcome these issues has arisen in learning and development (L&D) departments across the board. A frequently proposed solution to the larger part of these challenges is video streaming.

This paper serves to help senior executives of learning & development function across industries; to convince skeptics that video streaming is the future of learning and development, with the following focal points:

•  The challenges faced by L&D departments today
•  How your organization can use video streaming for L&D
•  One comprehensive video solution that streamlines your L&D needs 

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