To make video content more discoverable, VIDIZMO indexes as much data as possible for the optimal and most efficient search results through smart,  federated and faceted search capabilities. VIDIZMO provides content (audio, video, images, documents, etc.) search and accessibility in the following manner:

Search Through Traditional and Custom Metadata

VIDIZMO allows an efficient yet thorough keyword search of all videos and digital media content on the platform using metadata such as video title, description, tags, categories, publishing date, author’s name etc.

To take your search a step further, VIDIZMO also allows users to add custom attributes such as department, company, location, organization-specific fields and categories or any other required identifiers – all of which further refines search, and enables a faceted search. The following image shows a portal’s media library, which provides all your traditional and custom metadata in the form of facets.


Facet Search in Portal’s Media Library

Smart In-Video Search Through Advanced Artificial Intelligent Insights

VIDIZMO offers automatic speech recognition (ASR) to provide machine transcription, which helps index every spoken word in a video. Thereby, users can search for any keywords or phrases spoken in a video and quickly skip to the part where the searched words are occurring. Users can also see all the timestamped moments where the searched words occur in the video.

VIDIZMO leverages AI to detect faces, scenes, objects, and activities, allowing users to quickly find relevant content and information while ensuring efficient video classification on the platform.

Similarly, VIDIZMO utilizes other AI features like optical character recognition (OCR) to identify on-screen characters in a video, infographics on PowerPoint slides, or even handwritten text from scanned documents and make them searchable.

Moreover, VIDIZMO’s AI-based voice recognition technology also helps make content searchable based on the voices of speakers in videos or specific audio/sound patterns, useful for when using video recording devices like drones are used for specialized use cases.


Search for Content via Extracted AI Insights

Multilingual Search

VIDIZMO is a multilingual software available in multiple languages. To search for content in a particular language, VIDIZMO enables indexing of all translated video transcripts and caption files so the user can search for terms within the video in their language of choice.


DEMS Features

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