Best in Class Data Security and Privacy

Providing you with robust features to ensure security and privacy of your data

Your Data Protection is Our Priority

VIDIZMO adheres to the industry’s highest standards for platform security to keep your video and rich media safe. We believe in building a highly collaborative video ecosystem for enterprise communications while maintainining organizational data integrity and confidentiality.


Security by Design: Built-in Enterprise Video Platform Security to Safeguard Your Media


Single Sign-on (SSO)

Use your existing authentication directory services or database to provide a quick and secure single sign-on experience to your viewers through SSO integration with providers such as Azure AD, SAML-P, Okta, OneLogin, Ping ID etc.


Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Choose from a variety of user roles to control permissions for channel access. Customize channel and viewing access as you see fit for specific users or groups


Channel and User Segregation

In a multi-tenancy environment, host as many exclusively independent channels with completely segregated users and content for different organizational units


Password Protected Videos

Add another layer of protection to more sensitive or confidential videos by adding a password for heightened security


Login & Video Stream Encryption

Prevent password snooping and content theft by securing login and streaming video over HTTPS encrypted protocol


Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Enjoy best-in-class content protection using Microsoft PlayReady and other DRM solutions to ensure your videos remain encrypted throughout the process; from ingestion, streaming and storage to download, if allowed


Audit Trails

Monitor and track every move and action taken by admins, channel managers, moderators or any other user with comprehensive audit trails and detailed user-activity reports


Security for Both Public and Private Clouds

Enjoy industry’s best cloud security in VIDIZMO’s native Microsoft Azure Cloud as well as any other major cloud provider of choice – all of which offer robust cloud security to keep your content secure


Content Encryption ‘At Rest’ and ‘In Transit’

To ensure robust content security, we provide encryption management solutions for both ‘encryption at rest’ and ‘encryption in transit’ to meet your organization’s precise video data security needs. For self-managed encryption, we encrypt your organization’s video and other data using your own encryption keys that remain inaccessible to anyone without authorization. With this, you can keep your private or sensitive video files encrypted while they are in storage, or prior to moving it to a different environment or across less reliable networks


Regional Data Centers Around the Globe

Within its native Microsoft Azure Cloud, VIDIZMO offers you the flexibility to host your videos in the most extensive network of data centers deployed in more than 100 countries (50+ regions) around the globe – bringing your data closer to your users within a low-latency network and regional compliance offerings. Similarly, VIDIZMO also provides you the option to host your application in any other cloud such as AWS, which has a global infrastructure in 50+ Availability Zones within multiple geographic regions, as well as other major cloud providers such as IBM, Google and more


Behind Firewall Storage & Streaming

Host the software and content entirely in your company’s on-premise infrastructure behind the firewall so your content never leaves the company’s premises – granting you the ultimate control over data security and privacy, as well as the ability to enforce custom security measures

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