Enterprise Video CMS for Insurance Providers

Enhance efficiency of internal communications, agent onboarding and claims processing of insurance providers through an enterprise video CMS

Modernizing Video Evidence Claims Management


Faster and Accurate Claims Processing

Empower your agents and field investigators with a video platform so they can quickly capture and upload evidence on the go, from any media capturing device or directly from the VIDIZMO smartphone app. Without having to worry about network or bandwidth limitations, your agents are free to record and upload as much evidence as they can on to the video platform. This can then be accessed by the respective adjusters for review.


Evidence Collection from Policyholders Portal

Empower your policyholders with a dedicated portal for external evidence submission within the video platform. This way authorized users can directly upload digital evidence of the damage from incident locations for the adjusters to review while processing their claims. The result is a speedier and more accurate claims process, increased agent efficiency and satisfied customers.


Improved Policies & Prevention of Claims Leakage

Counter claims leakage, fraud, human error and other sources of inaccuracies in claims processing by gathering and collectively storing videos and pictures of insured properties in a video platform, so adjusters can closely assess the damage and accuracy of a claim to determine the right settlement the first time. Also, analyze the documented videos to draft more accurate policies with a better understanding of the insured property.

Revolutionize Claims Processing with Innovative Video Technology

  • Use AI technologies such as object recognition and facial recognition to speed up evidence processing
  • Incorporate new age live or on-demand drone video streaming for assessing claims of remote sites from any drone device, regardless of network or bandwidth conditions
  • Locate content inside evedentiary videos within seconds with smart video search powered by automatic video transcription, captioning and indexing through AI

Improve Companywide Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

  • Connect dispersed teams and promote the exchange of ideas across the organization
  • Document and preserve employee knowledge from subject matter experts and outgoing employees
  • Improve knowledge and learning accessibility for new hires in a highly searchable video platform

Optimizing Training and Onboarding for Insurance Agents and Sellers


Agent Training and Onboarding

Facilitate newly hired insurance agents, inspectors and claims investigators with self-paced training videos in a consolidated video CMS for insurance providers. Help your agents learn the procedures of site inspections, claims investigation etc. with role play videos or videos recorded from actual inspections.


Interactive Insurance Seller Training

Engage both internal and external sellers with cost-effective training videos to break down sales procedures and insurance product information for sellers to access and learn anytime on the go or simply review details – all through a highly searchable video platform that can accurately locate videos.


Live Streamed Field Training

Demonstrate field procedures, situations and experiences through live-streamed video training for junior agents to learn from senior agents, ask questions through live chat and receive answers in real time. Further boost learning effectiveness by including quizzes, polls and Q&As in recorded video training.

Deliver the Highest Security and Compliance for all Video Communications

  • Deploy your video platform with the industry’s best cloud security or on-premise datacenters
  • Fulfill financial services and insurance compliance obligations with confidence
  • Accelerate industry access to latest AI-powered cloud video solutions while making the most of your on-premise datacenters in the hybrid cloud for guaranteed security and compliance 

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