Streamline Digital Evidence Management for Law Enforcement

Cut down time & resources on managing digital evidence with a centralized evidence management solution for law enforcement agencies.

Law enforcement must manage a large volume of evidence, segregate content department-wise, protect evidence integrity, prepare legal transcripts and analyze the sensitive data. All this is time-consuming and takes their attention away from their main job – serving and protecting the people. A centralized evidence management solution will help law enforcement agencies cut down on time & resources for searching, organizing, analyzing and sharing digital evidence.
Law enforcement must manage
Easily Manage Large Volumes of Digital Evidence Files

Easily Manage Large Volumes of Digital Evidence Files

It can be challenging to manage large volumes of digital evidence stored on disparate systems. VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) eliminates data silos to store, search, analyze and share evidence from a single, centralized location. Use one system to save all digital evidence from multiple sources (dashcams, bodycams, CCTVs, etc.).

Create a Seamless Sharing Process Between Stakeholders

For law enforcement agencies, quickly receiving and sharing evidence for inter and intra-agency collaboration is important for solving cases more effectively. Traditional methods for sharing evidence such as physical storage devices can be timely and inefficient. Enable law enforcement agencies to digitally share and collect evidence using DEMS for a faster and more secure process.

Create a Seamless Sharing Process Between Stakeholders
Enable Officers to Swiftly Search Through Evidence

Enable Officers to Swiftly Search Through Evidence

Officers often have to search through piles of evidence which diverts their focus from more important tasks such as field operations. DEMS AI-powered search helps officers quickly retrieve evidence, as well as search inside evidence to find faces, objects, spoken/displayed words and more, so they can spend more time on their field and less time chained to their desks.

Save Time on Manually Preparing Legal Transcripts

Previously officers had to spend time preparing legal transcripts which took a lot of time. Using a digital evidence management system, leverage automatic audio and video transcription for faster turnaround time and save valuable manhours for manual transcription. Analyze better and reduce the risk of misinterpretation by using transcriptions as legal documents.

Save Time on Manually Preparing Legal Transcripts and More Time Analyzing

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Streamline Department-Wise Usage & Segregate Content

Streamline Department-Wise Usage & Segregate Content

It’s important to maintain the privacy and security of evidence to ensure only the authorized users can access it. Enable officers, investigators, citizens and other stakeholders to upload and access evidence while ensuring privacy for other pieces of evidence from unauthorized access. Leverage features such as multiple portals and user groups for segregating agencies and departments, role-based access control for managing user permissions, and more.

Protect the Integrity of Digital Evidence

It is necessary to maintain the integrity of digital evidence to present it in the court of law. Ensure evidence authenticity by maintaining a complete chain of custody, and leveraging features such as end-to-end encryption, access control and more. Redact Sensitive Data from Digital Evidence

Law enforcement agencies often need to redact certain events and personally identifiable information (PII) from evidence to assist in identifying the suspect. Effectively redact sensitive information from audios and videos before releasing them to the public and meet compliance requirements such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and more.

Protect Integrity of Digital Evidence

Key Features

Centralized Evidence Access

Store Digital Evidence of Any Type or Format

The system can ingest and store digital evidence in any type of format. Digital evidence is recorded from multiple sources including dashcams, bodycams, CCTV, phone call recordings etc. DEMS can provide support for additional formats as required.

255+ File Formats Support

Playback/View 255+ Formats from Any Device

Playback and view digital evidence in more than 255 formats in native mode which can be viewed in the browser. The system has the option of transcoding and the ability to automatically detect the best video format to play for the device.

AI-Powered Search

Enhanced Search

DEMS automatically extracts and indexes metadata from evidence to make it easily searchable through a simple keyword search.

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Secure Sharing

Quick Sharing

Leverage multiple sharing options, such as digital portals and secure link sharing to digitally collect and transfer evidence from within or outside of the agency.

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Complete Data Security

Evidence Privacy & Security

Tampering of evidence is one of the critical issues faced in law enforcement. Protect your digital evidence from unauthorized access and ensure the integrity of evidence with a robust set of security controls, such as role-based access control, cryptographic hash function, audit trails, end-to-end encryption, and more.

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Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody

Maintaining chronological records and a complete chain of custody is essential. Easily monitor all user activity with the platform and maintain a complete chain of custody, including reasons for accessing a piece of evidence.

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automatic transcription

Automatic Transcription

Automatically transcribe audio & video evidence in 80+ languages and reduce the turnaround time for legal transcription. Search inside transcripts to immediately find spoken or written words and jump to where it occurs without reviewing the whole evidence.

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Separate Portal Licensing

Internal Affairs Portal

Ensure the integrity and protect the credibility of the law enforcement by covertly investigating allegations and monitoring officer activities.

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Unique Integrations

Multiple System Integrations

Integrate the system with any single sign-on provider, records management systems (RMS), content management systems (CMS), computer-aided dispatch (CAD), interview room recording systems, and more.

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A Single Platform for All Digital Evidence Management Use Cases

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System is an end-to-end solution to securely manage video, audio, images, documents and other digital evidence for multiple use cases. Automatically ingest and store all types of evidence, such as CCTV footage, bodycam and dashcam videos, graphics, phone call recordings and more to securely manage, analyze and share 255+ different formats of digital evidence in a centralized location.

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