Video Platform Integration Services

Offering VIDIZMO integration services with third-party technologies to customize, extend and integrate VIDIZMO video platform with a customer’s existing business and IT ecosystem.


Third-Party Application Integration Services

VIDIZMO offers professional integration services to integrate the video platform with your company’s existing business ecosystem, including out-of-the-box integrations with CMS, LMS, CRM, video conferencing, analytics, etc. We also provide custom integration with your company’s business tools to facilitate unique organizational needs.

Enterprise IT Integration Services

VIDIZMO offers platform integrations services with your hosting environment, whether it is on-premises or in the cloud. For content distribution, VIDIZMO offers support for a broad range of public content delivery networks (CDN) while also enabling implementation of private VIDIZMO eCDNs. Other IT integrations include single sign-on applications for user authentication and video encoding tools.


Industry-Specific Software Integrations

Every industry has its own proprietary technology or industry-specific tools that serve unique business functions, such as case management systems in insurance, Point of Sale (POS) applications in retail, electronic health records (EHR) in healthcare, and so on. Such applications require interoperability with VIDIZMO for a more integrated video streaming and digital media management experience.

Custom Development Resources for Video Platform Integration

VIDIMZO offers specialized integration services using REST API integrations, HTML Widgets and embed code integration to empower developers to completely customize and configure the application depending on individual organizational needs. This also allows users to launch video capabilities in third-party platforms or integrate new capabilities as part of VIDIZMO video platform integration.


VIDIZMO Video Offering

VIDIZMO offers end-to-end video streaming and content management solutions to provide high-quality enterprise video experiences to internal and external users across enterprises.


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