A Secure & Consolidated System for Managing Surveillance Videos

Bring your ever-increasing surveillance videos in a centralized repository to store, manage, search, analyze and share securely


Centralized Management of Surveillance Videos

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) enables centralized management of all surveillance videos from multiple systems in a single repository, enabling agencies to avoid costs involved in managing multiple systems and save precious time invested in video search and retrieval.

Support for Multiple Video Formats

Videos from surveillance cameras come in multiple formats, thereby resulting in file format support challenges for many digital evidence management systems. VIDIZMO specializes in video playback and delivery, while supporting surveillance videos captured from a wide range of devices including IP cameras, box/dome/bullet cameras, CCTV cameras of all kinds etc.


Video Sharing Across Internal and External Teams

Secure sharing of digital evidence among different agencies, judiciary and other stakeholders is of critical importance. VIDIZMO offers multiple sharing options that are secure, easy and traceable to ensure maintenance of chain of custody.

Faceted Search for Surveillance Video Evidence

A repository filled with thousands of evidentiary files may result in search becoming extremely cumbersome. With multi-faceted search powered by insights generated using artificial intelligence (AI), stakeholders can find their desired video evidence in a matter of seconds. Through spoken words, faces, sentiments etc., users can search inside video evidence to find specific and relevant information.

Commercial & Government Compliance

A broad range of compliances for both commercial and governmental use cases are covered by VIDIZMO’s Digital Evidence Management System. These include CJIS, DoD, FedRAMP, FIPS 140, ITAR etc., in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services Government Clouds.

Geospatial Mapping of Captured Digital Evidence

All digital evidence can be visualized on a GIS crime map to help investigators connect the dots between different evidence locations. Officers can view digital evidence collected from a location with a single click of a button.


Tamper Detection for Securing Evidence

The integrity of surveillance videos can be protected with tamper detection, which helps stakeholders identify if evidence has been altered at any stage. This eliminates any doubt on the authenticity of the evidence in the court of law, where forged evidence can have a serious impact on the judgement.

Accurate Audit Logs and Chain of Custody

Compliance with chain of custody requirements is important for digital evidence to be admissible in the court of law. Stakeholders can obtain a record of all activities performed on the system through audit logs and identify chain of custody indicating the order in which the evidence has been handled during the investigation.


Robust Security to Protect Surveillance Videos

Secure hosting and sharing of digital evidence is a concern for every agency. VIDIZMO guarantees protection of surveillance video evidence through a robust application and database-level security, and ensures privacy of evidence through controlled access and permissions.

Analysis & Extraction of Insights Using AI

The power of artificial intelligence can be leveraged for solving cases quickly. AI helps in identification of faces and words spoken inside videos, sentiment analysis, optical character recognition, redaction and much more.


Customizable Purge Policy

Storage of the agency’s database can be optimized with customizable purge polices that aid in defining the retention period of digital evidence, including surveillance videos.

Scalable Storage in Flexible Deployment Models

An organization can opt for a deployment model that is in line with its security protocols and regulatory requirements. VIDIZMO offers deployment in a public or government cloud, on-premise or hybrid infrastructure.


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