Language Translation Through AI

Translate text and audiovisual data using AI to communicate with your employees and external partners in their own language

Why Your Organization Needs
Language Translation Through AI

Do you have a global organization with:

  • A large number of geographically dispersed employees around the world
  • Ethnically/racially/linguistically diverse workforce
  • Overseas business partners or trade companies
  • International customers

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, your organization needs AI language translation services.

Boosting Global Enterprise Communication, Knowledge Sharing and Consumer Marketing with Multilingual Translation

Multilingual Text Translation

Carrying out translation manually can be time and resource consuming process and organizations may not have the expertise to carry out such translations. Alternatively, assigning the translation to third-party service providers can result in long turnaround times and exorbitant costs. These challenges can be addressed through automatic and accurate text translation services through AI.

VIDIZMO through AI capabilities can allow you to add real-time text translation to your automatically generated video transcripts and closed captions. Enterprises with global teams and offices can augment all videos with automatically translated transcripts and closed captions to personalize communication and engage better with employees, customers, partners, investors, media and other stakeholders in their preferred languages.

By providing transcriptions in the audiences’ language of choice, you can increase comprehension and understanding of content. Moreover, you can meet regulatory compliances that require videos to have close captions in the country’s national language.



Tailoring smart video solutions for your organization’s AI needs

Here at VIDIZMO, we understand that every organization has unique AI video/rich media use cases. To cater to various organizational needs, we tailor our AI capabilities for companies to give them the optimal smart technology – one that helps them automate business processes, enhance productivity, boost revenues, and gain competitive advantage in the market – all while retaining full control of how they wish to deliver their AI media solutions.

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