Speech Recognition Through AI

Speech recognition services to quickly convert spoken works into written text for improved content accessibility, searchability and understanding

Why Your Organization Needs AI Speech Recognition Services

Does your organization generate large volumes of video or audio recordings containing:

  • Heavily jargoned industrial vocabulary
  • Specialized content
  • Similar content with several variations for different audiences
  • Content from a variety or set number of speakers/presenters
  • Content requiring sound/voice analysis for detection of audio patterns or anomalies
  • Conversations with internal and/or external speakers

If the answer is yes to one or more of these pointers, speech recognition would help you in automating the transcription and closed captioning of videos and audio files for speedy search, access, and analysis. Additionally, voice recognition would allow you to identify speakers or voice patterns for various enterprise use cases outlined below.

Powering Speech-to-text Transcription, Smart Voice Identification and Enhanced Search Productivity


Speech Recognition

Save hours, perhaps days, of manual effort required to transcribe large volumes of audiovisual content to make it more inclusive, accessible, searchable and documented. Convert speech to text to provide automatically generated transcription and closed captioning for improved video accessibility.

This has far-reaching applications in the enterprise, where audio and video communication, training or sales videos, customer service calls etc. are made highly searchable through spoken words, and videos/voice communications are converted into structured data for analysis. Such data can then be analyzed for efficient monitoring, flagging or feedback purposes as well as to derive actionable insights to improve communications and personalize experiences.

Not only this, organizations in highly specialized sectors like legal professions, financial services, healthcare and education produce large volumes of manual documentation with a lot of similar industry jargon. These organizations can also use AI’s text-to-speech capability to dictate information without having to type, while the learning machine becomes more and more accurate with frequent use. Speech recognition also has wide scale applications for people across enterprises with speech disabilities.

Voice/Speaker Recognition

AI not only recognizes the words we speak but also who spoke those words. With voice recognition, VIDIZMO through AI capabilities identifies the different speakers in an audiovisual data and tags them for efficient classification of voices. Speaker recognition also enhances the readability of automatic speech transcription by segmenting videos by speakers and providing speaker identities for viewers to directly click on during video playback.

Specialized enterprise applications include audio evidence analysis for law enforcement to identify people using voice, as well as audio analysis of deep sea and land explorations.


Tailoring Smart Video Solutions for Your Organization’s AI needs

Here at VIDIZMO, we understand that every organization has unique AI video/rich media use cases. To cater to various organizational needs, we tailor our AI capabilities for companies to give them the optimal smart technology – one that helps them automate business processes, enhance productivity, boost revenues, and gain competitive advantage in the market – all while retaining full control of how they wish to deliver their AI media solutions.

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