Vision Services Through AI

Identify, tag, and classify various contents within a video and other visual media using AI vision services

Why Your Organization Needs AI Vision Services

Is your organization generating massive amounts of video footage or other visual data required for:

  • Tagging, counting, classification and analysis of the objects in the video
  • Analysis of patterns or anomalies to identify or detect problems
  • Employee/customer/process monitoring or security surveillance
  • Surveying sites for infrastructure monitoring, repairs and conservation
  • Mass editing, moderation or censoring the contents of videos for compliance
  • Digitization of a large volume of handwritten, scanned and printed notes or other non-digital documents
  • Structuring, organization and formal documentation of large volumes of unstructured data

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, you need AI vision services described below to solve your business challenges

Deriving Actionable Insights From Video and Other Visual Media


Object Recognition

Find and identify objects in an image or video sequence and automatically tag similar ones for efficient processing, categorization and search. Object recognition is widely useful in a variety of industries such as retail merchandising, construction, mining, oil and gas, machinery, manufacturing, transportation and insurance, as well as in use cases such as theft detection, infrastructure surveying etc. Object recognition also plays a vital role in monitoring anomalies in patient health imaging and videos. This improves process control and early diagnosis of health conditions with precision. With deep learning, AI vision systems yield even more precise results as the machine learns over time.

Facial Recognition

Automatically recognize faces in videos and images for faster tagging in routine commercial uses like employee monitoring, head count or theft detection that require face matching via facial recognition and learning. Specialized use cases include personal security and authentication, commercial security via surveillance and criminal/fraud identification, national security for combating terrorism, and various other security threats. As more faces are fed into the machine over time, it becomes more accurate in identifying and categorizing them accordingly.


Character Recognition

Extract more value from the characters displayed in videos as well as visual media files like images, handwritten, printed or scanned text documents by converting them into machine-readable, editable and searchable data.

Real-world applications include data extraction and processing of large data sets of non-digital business documents, checks, passports, invoices, bank statements, receipts, license plates, insurance documents and much more.

With the ability to process and analyze large amounts of visual data or footage, object recognition technology can revolutionize the organization of large columns of unstructured data that is a significant pain point in many industries, especially data-intensive sectors like healthcare, financial sector, media, scientific computing, telecom etc.

With machine learning, the accuracy of AI vision for character recognition increases over time. 

Content Moderation/Redaction

Optimize image and video editing using smart content moderation technology for privacy compliance in the form of automatic redaction or blurring of faces and objects in videos and photosoften used for law enforcement evidentiary data or surveillance footage.

Automatically redact or bleep any expletive language from video and audio while also moderating to remove offensive and illegal content from enterprise platforms automatically.

Additionally, use content moderation AI for faster comment moderation on social media platform for online brands.


Tailoring Smart Vision Solutions for Your Organization’s AI needs

Here at VIDIZMO, we understand that every organization has unique AI video/rich media use cases. To cater to various organizational needs, we tailor our AI capabilities for companies to give them the optimal smart technology – one that helps them automate business processes, enhance productivity, boost revenues, and gain competitive advantage in the market – all while retaining full control of how they wish to deliver their AI media solutions.

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